Monday, November 28, 2005

The Thanksgiving That Dare Not Speak Its Name

In order to protect the innocent (pictured at left), I will say only this about my Thanksgiving: There was a meal prepared by the grocery store then warmed in the microwave and everybody but me was in bed by 6:45 p.m. As in, in bed asleep for the night. I cried and called my mother.

On Friday, while still in the East Bay at my handsome prince's aunts' house for Thanksgiving weekend, I visited this fabulous store. It was so nice and good for my soul. My mother-in-law and the hp's two aunts (my MIL's sisters) went with me. They were exceptionally good sports about it, especially since only one of the three of them even knits. They didn't rush me and they let me touch and sniff and babble about the yarn for as long as I wanted. I don't think they even realize how sweet that was of them. (If you are ever in Walnut Creek, you really should stop in to Fash-ion-Knit. They have a great selection and everyone there - including and especially the Knitress pictured on the website - was kind and friendly and helpful and funny.)

On Thursday night, after everyone else was in bed, I read Laurie's Thanksgiving day post about her friend and the children in Afghanistan. So while I was out look at yarn, I picked up this bundle of wooly goodness

(pictured here with some Christmas ornaments I've been painting) and I am knitting a quickie hat to send along with the collection of stuffed animals and gently used toys I have waiting around for just such an occasion. I am knitting oh so very quickly on the new Addi-Turbos I also bought on Friday. I must say, I finally understand their cult-like following. They are dreamy.

Oh, I also bought 6 skeins of Rowan Calmer. Oh how I love the Rowan Calmer. This particular purchase (of the coral) is destined to be a sweater for a baby I know that is due on my birthday (February 1). I have been swatching but as I took this (awful) picture, I remembered that I should be working on my Christmas cards (see them there?). My goal is to get them out before Christmas this year. I know that doesn't sound like much of a goal but trust me, it is.


Stephanie said...

I think the photo is artistic...

Can I marry that purple yarn? Please?

And who goes to bed before 7 on Thanksgiving?!!

knitonelondon said...

hello Kristy - it's Kristy from knitonelondon... I was so confused! Our name is unusual in the UK, so I thought I'd posted to myself until I stepped away from the PC and thought about it! Love your blog and pics - I'll add your blog to my list!

Laura said...

Cried and called your mother? That was my first Thanksgiving away from home.

And I HEAR YOU about the Christmas card goal. Honest. You're not the only one. :)

Meaghan said...

What happened to Thanksgiving?

I love the yarn you picked. I bought some Addis the other day - aren't they great. I'd love to buy them in every size, but we'd have to re-mortgage the house!! Take care......!!

knitonelondon said...

Hey Kristy, Kristy here! Nope, this is my full name - Mum kindly gave me a more normal middle name in case I didn't like it though :)
Interesting to hear that for you, it came from Scottish roots - I suspect that if I travelled up there, I may find a few more - although probably spelled differently!

Bathroom is great - it feels like a real luxury!

Ann said...

Oh, Kristy, I know what you mean about the not-exactly-perfect holiday. Christmas was always the complicated one for our family--parents divorced when I was 14, dad remarried to a dire woman, us four children feeling twixt and tween. Tricky, you know? So glad you called your mom.

amandamonkey said...

Hi - I'm just catching up on my blogging. So sorry to hear you had a bad Thanksgiving but I'm so glad you were able to soothe yourself with some fiber therapy.