Saturday, February 25, 2006


Nothing says 1984 quite like Rhinestone and legwarmers. Tonight I was browsing through some knitting websites and have been sincerely appalled by the number of legwarmer patterns. I mean really. I know I am not the first knit-blogger to take notice of this phenomenon and (Lord willing, not the last) but I just can’t stop myself from chiming in. 80’s fashion was a mistake the first time around and we should not have to relive it again already. Unless you are involved in some sort of Fame revival production, you should not wear legwarmers. Or collarless sweatshirts. Or feathered bangs.

Maybe it is the medication getting to me, but I’ve been on an old movie kick the last few days. Perhaps, more likely, it is the days of being laid up, sleeping too much, rattling around the house and watching crappy TV. Tonight it was Rhinestone. Seriously, how can you go wrong with Dolly and her big hair and big…voice…and Sylvester Stallone in glitter outfits and cowboy hats? Who could keep from smiling hearing Sly singing “Budweiser you made me a monster….and they call me – Drinkin’ Stein.”

Gratuitous puppy picture. Sally loves the camera.

I’m not Catholic so this is the closest thing I have to a confessional.


I haven’t shaved my legs in two weeks. It is gross. Really. Like, it makes my legs hurt when I where pants. You would think this would cause me to shave them. No. Instead, I have spent this last week of convalescence not wearing jeans. I think I am really going to have to shave tomorrow. It is, umm, gross.

I've been feeling a little knitting burnout of late. I am determined to get going on something fabulous within the next week. Do ya'll ever feel less than inspired?

Except for the lovely pork chop dinner my Mama cooked for me last night (how do I love her, let me count the ways…) all I have eaten in the last three days is cold pizza and Stove Top stuffing. Yummy, stuffing.

I spend ridiculous amounts of time daydreaming and visiting this website about Greenland. I’ve got a secret stash of money tucked away (a negligible amount, really, but ferreted away, nonetheless) that no one but me knows about (well, until now) and I will go to Greenland one day. I want to learn the language but I get conflicting reports about what language that would be. Some sites/books say Danish and some say Greenlandic. I think what I really need is a pen pal from Greenland. Anybody out there?

I love big earrings but I think I look silly when I wear them because I have a short neck. (What? I didn’t promise these confessions were going to be profound!)

Sometimes I think alcoholism would be a good diet. I mean really – just replace two meals a day with liquor and you’d be home free. Of course, skinny with a poisoned liver is probably not a great alternative.

Ummm…so I reread the above and it occurs to me: I’m still running a fever.

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Heather said...

I have the same problems with big earrings, but I love them so.
I'm pretty sure Greenlandic is the first language over there.. and isn't it really cold? You might want to rethink those legwarmers.