Sunday, August 13, 2006

Knitting as Cult

The Daisy sweater is complete. I can’t show it to you because Courtney (the mother of the intended recipient) has been known to wander through here and I don’t want to totally ruin the surprise. I have taken a bunch of pictures and I will post those after the baby shower – August 26.

Monday I was in San Francisco for business. I drove through Union Square and in the Macy's window was the winning outfit from theProject Runway INC competition. This is a crumby picture but you can only do so much when taking photos from a moving vehicle.

Am I the only one that suspects that maybe knitting is a cult? I mean, cults have charismatic leaders we have the likes of Barbara Walker and Elizabeth Zimmermann. They have stockpiles of weapons, we have needles and stash. They have tainted Kool-Aid, we have wine and mixed drinks. And, like a cult, we are crazy-happy when some innocent bystander stumbles into our enclosure.

A little over a week ago, my niece Whitney and her friends came to spend the night at my house. I made them help me wind yarn. And in the midst of winding yarn they asked me if I would teach them to knit. Imagine my shock! I was nearly giddy with excitement. I said “SURE! When???” Then I paused. Took a deep breathe and more calmly said, “Umm, ok. If you want.” I didn’t want to pressure them so I didn’t say anymore about it. Then Whit called me early last week and told me that the girls had been asking her about when I was going to teach them to knit. My little knitting heart went pitter patter. So Thursday evening, we got together at my parents’ house so the girls could have their first lesson. They were naturals. They took to it like fish to water. I was thrilled. I'd like to introduce you to three new inductees.

My niece, Whitney, who didn't want to learn to knit but was bullied into it by her friends.



Happily clicking away.


Tactless Wonder said...

We too have kool-aid, and it's kinda tainted after you've finished dying with it...and oh my, we "DYE" with Kool-Aid...that kinda sounds wrong if you say it out loud, far too Jim Jones...

Laura said...

Um yeah - I was gonna say the same thing. Don't you know that knitters have horded millions of packets of Kool-Aid and even sent them overseas to Kool-Aid poor countries so that we can DYE with it?? heh

Kristy said...

Ok, ok. I will concede the Kool-Aid point. I admit: I don't dye much of my own yarn so I didn't even consider this. But ya'll are right. And it only reinforces my point. ;)

Dorothy said...

Bringing in more hapless victims are you? ;D
Right on.