Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Yes, No...No, YES

Ok. So. Last Wednesday my ankle surgery was postponed. Then they rescheduled for September 20. (Oh the tears.) I told them, though, that they could call me if they had a cancellation. Even on short notice. This morning at 10:15, my surgeon's MA called me and asked me if I really meant it about the short notice. Long story long - I'm having ankle surgery tomorrow morning. Oh I am so glad. I am just ready to have this done.

I have been knitting knitting knitting. I've finished two Baby Bibs O' Love from the Mason-Dixon Knitting book. But mostly I have been working on a little good karma project: my ankle surgeon and his wife are expecting a baby and since every baby needs handknits, I decided that I would be just the knitter to provide said baby with said handknits. Of course, my mind has been a little muddled and I am not ready for another Daisy sweater....therefore, this baby gets a set of four washclothes and a coordinating bib. Since (at least to my knowledge) they don't know what they are having, I decided on something a little funky but neutral. Also, since they are washclothes and the colors are borderline neon, they will be ok for a boy or a girl. I've finished two and have 5 rows to go on the third. Without further ado....

What do ya'll think? The clothes are 9" squares and each as a 1.25" block of color in the corner. The fourth one in the set is orange. The coordinating bib will have a row of the 1.25" color blocks across the bottom - blue/pink/green/orange/blue/pink/green/orange - and then the rest will be all white. I pretty keen on the white. And the Sugar n' Cream cotton, too.


jen said...

The dishclothes are adorable and the blocks of colour very cool. What a great idea - simple, but very nice. Hope your ankle surgery went smoothly and you are feeling better soon. You and Miss Sally can convalesce together :) Take care.

Charity said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog, and the warning for the Alpaca Silk! Sorry to hear you're having a painful recovery.

The baby washcloths are very sweet :0)