Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Bits & Pieces

International Scarf Exchange

I got my "assignment" and now I just have to make up my mind what to knit for her. I like her - though I don't know her...all I know of her is what I've read on her blog but still, I like her. So I want to make her something nice. And guess what? I have these:

and I've never ever knit even one project from these two boxes. And there are some patterns that really, really interest me. I haven't picked one yet but my ISE scarf is going to be one of these. I think it is about damn time.

Golf Clap for Me

This isn't really something to celebrate. In fact, it hardly deserves even a half-hearted "yah" but I'm happy about this minor accomplishment. If you've been paying any attention to this little blog for any length of time, you've probably noticed that I don't do a lot of colorwork. Intarsia isn't a word we use very often here at House of Ok! What Next?? But last night, I made up this little tidbit...not exactly on the fly, but over the course of a few hours.
Cute, huh? I've got to adjust it a little so it will be a 5" x 5" square for Warming Grace. As it sits, it is a 4.25" x 6" rectangle, but the needed adjustments will be minor.

Free to Good Home

Ya'll I've been doing some evaluating. I need to get rid of some yarn that is muttling up my stash. Yarn that, if I'm honest, I know I will never use. Yarn that isn't bad yarn really, just not yarn that I am going to spend time knitting. But someone might. First come, first served. I'll mail it to you, some cheap probably slow way unless you want to pay shipping. If you want something, please take everything it is pictured with. That seems fair to me...Here you go:

12 skeins of Moda Dea Dream. It is very soft. It is very cushy. I really do love this yarn but I gave up on the project I bought it for and I just want to be rid of it. The pinks are all the same dye lot as are the greens and the blues. I did use some of one skein of the pink and some of one skein of the white. This yarn has been claimed

A Fun Fur sample pack. The four skeins at the top all match. A friend of mine wanted a scarf made from that. Then she changed her mind. The others are just a mixed lot.

Here we have four skeins of Lion Brand Homespun. The two in the middle match. The other two don't. These are full or just shy of full skeins. I've done a swatch or two. You know how it goes. This yarn has been claimed

Now appearing: two skeins of Paton's Carmen and two skeins of Joann's Exclusive Halo. They are both soft - very, very soft. Almost creepy soft. A little slick to knit with but very nice. I made projects from both of these yarns - I'd simply bought too much.

And last but...well, yeah, least too: Three skeins of Caron Perfect Match acrylic. The colors are actually really very nice. I used several skeins of these previously (potholders, I think, if I remember correctly. It was early in my knitting days.) Knit something for your grandmother. Knit some potholders. Whatever. Just take them. Please.

Here's the real nuts and bolts of this giveway: I've promised my husband I wouldn't buy anymore yarn until I get rid of these. I don't want to have to hide yarn purchases from him so I would appreciate your help here.

Leave me a comment or email me. Thanks!


Tactless Wonder said...

If you make that "intarsa" duckie without the intarsa? That's your other duckie, you know.

I apologize about taking so long for the tiny little duckie pattern...I've been lax in doing what I said I'd do, mostly due to coming home and crashing after work. It's supposed to be a "slow" day today, so maybe....but I can make no promises.

Stephanie said...

I can take the "dream".. it makes great baby booties/hats and a friend of ours just had a baby in need of such things.

jen said...

Hi Kristy,
Sorry your first day back at work was rough! Hope today goes a bit better. I'll take the LionBrand stuff off your hands. That is the wool that got my Mum crafting again after years of pretending that left-handers are handicapped (long story). I am sure I can find a use for it :) My email is greenwgirlAThotmailDOTcom. I'll send you my address. Take care.

jen said...

PS - your duckie square is adorable. It will be perfect for Grace once you get the sizing right. Such a terrific cause :)

Charity said...

I'm anxiously awaiting my scarf pal... I can't wait to get started! :0)

Charity said...

No, Kristy, I haven't got my pal, yet! They said they'd have them out by the 7th, but I check my email regularly, just in case :0)

Dorothy said...

I've got my ISE pal too. I can't even think about how cool this whole project is.

My husband began to hem and haw about my stash too. I keep telling him there is something for all of it, but still. So I finally broke down and got so very mature by telling him that I won't complain about all the tools he buys if he won't complain about all the "tools" I buy. The hemming and hawing stopped right quick. :D

Tactless Wonder is right. If you knit the duckie on it's own and make another duckie just like it, you can sew them together and voila! A knit duckie. I haven't been able to get at that either. Sorry Kristy.

TinaB said...

If you still have the Fun Fur left, I'll take it. I have a crochet-er friend that I'm teaching to knit, and she wants to make scraves for her 11 grandchildren this Christmas.