Friday, September 15, 2006


Thank you, thank you, thank you! The response so far as been really amazing for people interested in knitting squares for Laurie's grandmother. I don't want to miss anyone or let this overwhelm in order to keep better track of all those interested in participated, I* set up a new blog home for this project. (*when I say I, I really mean WE...endless, endless, endless thanks go out to my sister Cindi for doing all of the set up work and teaching me about things like Mr. Linky. All I've done is try to boss her around and write a couple of posts.) Also, Cindi is setting up a PayPal button for us. I've had several comments and emails from non-knitters who want to contribute. There's more about that over at the new blog, too.

From now on, please visit for the guidelines, suggestions and latest info on the blanket for Laurie's grandmother. Of course, you are always welcome to visit me here anytime and I will make a note on this blog whenever I post something new over there. If you are a knitter that blogs, it would be great if you could mention this project in a post and send more knitters this way. The more squares the merrier.

By the way, I've been so busy talking about the Grandmother Purl blanket that I've forgotten to share my exciting news: the first of the yarn I ordered for my ISE3 Scarf arrived yesterday. The Pima Cotton Silk is so amazingly crazy soft. I am so unendingly happy with my choice. This yarn is super duper fabu. Of course, the other color is coming in a separate shipment (that's a whole story of its own) so I can't make a whole lot of progress but I am still glad to have my yarn in my hot little hands. And hey, if I have some yarn left over, I can use it to knit an 8" square!!!

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Dorothy said...

I forgot to say that you should allow crocheted squares too. A lot people may prefer to crochet rather than knit. You know, like the Crochet Dude. ;)