Saturday, September 09, 2006

Pima Cotton Silk, You're the One

I have decided on the Pima Cotton Silk. I ordered it from Webs last night. I've decided on a slightly modified version of the Farrow Rib for my scarf. (I think. I'll let you know once I've swatched.) So today, since I'd made a decision and ordered yarn, I did what every reasonable knitter does...I went to the LYS (ha) where I bought a couple skeins of Cascade Sierra to just knit around with. Have ya'll seen this yarn?

It is really quite nice. It is a Pima Cotton/Merino Wool 80/20 blend. It is very nice and quite affordable - $7.50 for a 191 yard skein. I needed to buy yarn today. Ya'll know. This was the right price for a fix, after I'd spend .... umm, considerably more than the ISE minimum at Webs. But I did it gladly because I love my pal, so much that I wish I could tell ya'll who she is so that I could introduce you to her. In time!

Of course, if not for my absolutely super snazzy fabulous sister-in-law Lori, there would have been no visit to the LYS...there would have been no outing today at all. It is frustrating and discouraging having a broken ankle and the driving prohibition makes it that much harder. My husband has taken great care of me and taken up the slack around here better than I could have even hoped. Too, though, I've got Lori who has made things so much easier. It's not just the fact that she has driven me back and forth and all around in these last four months (and loaned me the use of her shower with the bench) - but even more, she has done it kindly and willingly and not made me feel like a burden. My brother did us all a favor when he married her. I hope all of you have a family member or a friend like her. She is a blessing. Thank you, Lori.

Its very late and I'm being sappy.

Little Helper

Look who has come to help me with this post.

She's doing great. We are still being cautious and she is still spending more time than she would like in the cage but she is improving. She wants to go crazy, with the running and the jumping so we have to watch her. She is still not completely sure where her back end is, which would be funny if it wasn't heartbreaking. It is a few weeks more before we have to make another visit to the vet so we'll see.

Has anyone noticed that Blogger's spell check doesn't know the word skein? What a twisted world we live in. Is there anyone who can tell me why it is that Blogger wants to change my font size, after I've posted a picture?

haven't knitted today so the above update on the ISE decision making is the best I've got for you on that front. If you wander through here and you haven't been over to
Dorothy's in the last couple of days, please go see her and consider making a donation for the ovarian cancer research she is talking about. She's doing a drawing that includes yarn and needles. A great cause and a chance at go.


Dorothy said...

So, who's your pal? I'm nosy.
Blogger has been weird the last long while. It seems to be a bit of a crap shoot who gets the weird who doesn't. One day nothing works right for you and the next no problems, but others are complaining.

Cute picture of your helper. I hope things continue to improve for her.

Your SIL sounds great. Especially if she's willing to enable with the yarn addiction.

Dorothy said...

It keep saying you Blog cannot be found! Did you get deleted by mistake?

Dorothy said...

Yeah, that one goes through.

Charity said...

I find the worst thing about ordering yarn online is the waiting for it to arrive. It is so very exciting deciding on what to order, and placing the order, and by the time it finally gets here (remember, I'm up in the frozen north, so it likely takes even longer for me), the thrill is gone. Sigh. Enjoy your new yarn! :0)

Lori said...

Family has to take care of family. I am glad I can help! Hope you feel better soon!