Wednesday, September 13, 2006


ISE Scarf (Revisited)

I think I have changed my mind again about what scarf pattern to use for my secret pal. (Yes, I know. This is a familiar song.) Damn slow shipping. I ordered yarn last Friday and per the UPS tracking, it will not be here until next Monday. That gives me all sorts of time to discover other patterns. Other patterns that do nothing for the yarn I purchased. Other patterns that are not warm, comforting soup patterns but in fact, fussy frilly vichyssoise and lobster bisque patterns. And frankly, I am feeling a little delusional these days and I have a hankering to knit these instead. What the hell is my problem? Once I cast on and actually start knitting with the actual yarn for this project, I will be fine. It is knitter’s anxiety I guess.

I like this quote, which I had heard before but came across again last night in The Yarn Harlot’s book At Knit’s End.

“And isn’t sanity really just a one-trick pony, anyway? I mean, all you get is one trick: rational thinking. But when you are good and crazy, ooh ooh ooh – the sky’s the limit!” The Tick (Ben Edlund)

Once again, I have no actually knitting to report. Last night I swatched for a new possible scarf pattern. It is kind of lacy so I am not certain how it would look with the Pima Cotton Silk I bought so I’ll let you know. We’ll see. I pretty much shot my yarn shopping wad on the PCS so that is what I am going to have to use. There is no possibility of changing the yarn to suit a different pattern. I’ll let you know next Monday, I guess.

On Another Note

I have spoken here before about my sister-in-law Lori. She is not a knitter but she is a lover of knitters. She pretends to care. She acknowledges knitting as a spectator sport. She holds the soft yarn and nods and smiles when appropriate. She says, “Uhh, cable, yes, I know.” And other equally profound things but in reality, she is not a knitter. Furthermore, before this week, she wasn’t a blogger either. Now she is. Please take a minute and stop by her little corner of the WWW and say hello. Welcome to Blogland, Lori! Later we can all gang up on her and encourage her to take up the needles.


Dorothy said...

I've had pattern changes too. Once I actually cast on and started knitting though, I felt happier about my choices. Although, I did get that Misti Alpaca and it does make beautiful light scarves...

Charity said...

Decisions, decisions, decisions! I'm sure once the yarn arrives, it will speak to you, and all will become clear! :0)

Lori said...

Umm, if I take up needles it wouldn't be knitting needles! Thanks for posting about me and saying all that nice stuff!

Dorothy said...

Hey lady! I'm in the knitting thing. What colours do you want? What kind of button do you want? I can manage a picture type of button like my blog button.