Sunday, October 08, 2006

Just a Block Away

Grandmother Purl and Her Bevy of Squares

My long-suffering husband scurried the container of Grandmother Purl's squares into the bedroom to me so I could organize it. I've gotten them all sorted out and I've been busy taking pictures of the beautiful squares. (I've got 70 squares waiting happily in this Rubbermaid bin.)

A Finished Scarf is a Beautiful Thing

While I had my beloved camera with its fresh batteries out, I thought I'd show ya'll some pictures of the finished scarf. I've woven in the ends but I've yet to block it. I'll do that one night this week. For now, I'll let you all take an early look. Pre-blocked, it measures 4" wide, 68" long. I'm not sure how much this yarn is going to block out but we'll see.

Artistic full length shot.
(If by artistic you mean a shot that shows my messy bedside table.)

The kitchenered join.

A better full length shot.

So? What do you think?


RC said...

Excellent! It looks beautiful! I bet she if going to LOVE it!
What pattern did you use?

Stefaneener said...

Nice artistic "miles to go" shot!

Are the edge stitches just part of a cable? Why don't they curl? I love that effect! Can't see the kitchenered part at all -- great job.

Rhett said...

that scarf is beautiful! great job. i have my squares almost finished to send to you. i had a little hold up, but with any luck, you should have them this time next week :) YEA! my squares can go in the bin! i love that we are going to have that many! :)

Dr. B. said...

Look at the size of that bin! I don't know that we've sufficiently showered you with appreciation for this very large undertaking. I'll say it now, and I'll say it later. You are a very generous and kind person who rocks so hard!