Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Photographic Evidence

This is sort of a marathon post (even for me) so I will get down to business. Might I suggest you fix yourself some coffee or hot chocolate or a glass of wine and find a comfortable spot.

Here are the pictures of the goodness from Colleen. The fabulous Colleen!! Thank you again, honey, for your willingness to trade. I love this yarn and I can't wait to do something with the roving. Brown & cream rovings.
Fancy colored roving. The Star Gazing Farms wool (that she traded me for the Brown Sheep in Oatmeal) for the lambs.

and And AND!!! Here is the wool meeting its destiny.

This picture isn't as clear but here it is with my phone for scale. (It worked up much bigger in the worsted weight than I had expected it to.)

Here is the pre-felted, unstuffed lamb trying to stand. (He's a newborn. Cut him some slack.)

INSERT PICTURE OF FELTED SHEEP HERE (I think I've pushed the limits of bloggers tolerance for me an my pictures.)

Here he is after two hot water wash/warm water rinse cycles. The black felted markedly more than the off-white. The body still plainly shows the stitches while the black is quite tight and fabric-y. I don't really mind this look and I didn't want to risk the black drawing up anymore so I need not wash it any further. He is stuffed full of temporary stuffing and busily drying in the bathroom. I've already cast on for the grey and black lamb. Both the grey and the black are Lamb's Pride worsted so I am optimistic that that will felt more evenly.

This is two skeins of Cascade 220 for the secret project. (Which I am happy to report has undergone some test knitting by someone other than me and that someone was successfully able to knit my pattern. And she isn't me! That is good.)

This weekend I promised myself that I wouldn't start any more new projects until I finished at least one square for Grandmother Purl.

I still plan to make the California square but for now, here is the square I knit this weekend. I just made it up as I went along because I had the yarn and needles with me but I didn't have the California square pattern. This was the result. My own version of a kisses and hugs square.

If You Show Me Yours....

Thank you so much to all of you who responded to my questions and requests about stash. I guess I had my nose buried in a corner somewhere back in April, otherwise I surely would have noticed all the Flashing of Stash that was going on back then. I spend a couple of hours over the weekend look at all of the stashy goodness from April and from the pictures ya'll shared with me.

In the spirit of fairness, here is a picture of my stash for ya'll.

See? Relatively neglible just like I promised. That main containment unit there in the chair is the plastic zipper bag that my queen sized comforter came in. The brown bag on the top, on the left is all yarn for lambs and a couple of small holiday knitting projects. The two other bags contain the Cascade 220 pictured above plus all of the Tahki Cotton Classic for the Daddo blanket I am working on for my mother.

This is all of my yarn except for a few items:

1) 2 skeins of Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride that are destined to become Fuzzy Feet for my friend Allison. (Technically these do not count in my stash tally as she purchased the yarn and she ultimately wants to knit them for herself. Really, I am just the caretaker of this yarn.)
2) A skein of yellow Cascade Magnum that is on the top shelf in my closet, which I cannot get to in my current crippled state.
3) A skein of Sugar'n Cream and a skein of Calmer in the basket next to my knitting chair.
4) 6 skeins of some quite old pink baby yarn that was my Nana's and came to live with me after my Daddo passed away. It is destined to be something heirloomy but for now is in my little cedar chest on my bedside table.


Kniterella said...

Kristy! I want sheep! Yours are turning out nicely and I can't wait to see more photos. I don't have the yarn for mine yet, but the pattern followed me home this summer. As for your stash? You are so organized, I am impressed. I must have been knitting intensely in April for I, too, missed the Flash your Stash event.

You feeling alright?

Stefaneener said...

great sheep! Your stash picture inspires me to knit through mine. I don't need no stinkin' yarn. . . I need to knit!

RC said...

WOW!The lamb looks great! I can't wait to see him/her all finished up. You know, you can always needle felt over the white areas you don't like, to get less stitch definition..... just an idea
but some bumpy-ness in a lamby is good!

also, LOVE the secret project colors! I'm so curious! I'd be happy to "test knit" for you if you need another pattern tester.

also, LOVE the hugs and kisses! fab idea! (wish I thought of that.)

and also, sorry about not giving up the stash pic... it would be a real project trying to gather and contain for a photo...maybe by next year I'll have it contained? but definatley not under control!

Dr. B. said...

Oh, you're killing me. I was all excited to see the finished sheep, and then NOTHIN'! Come on! What are trying to do us? Show. Us. Sheep.

Also, that square for Grandma Purl is SO great. You made it up as you went along? You are clearly some kind of genius that I cannot begin to understand.

Charity said...

Oh, :-P! THAT'S your stash?! Tell your hubby he has absolutely nothing to complain about! :0)

I certainly hope that the felted sheep is going to show it's little face soon! C'mon, now, it's like torture! :0)

Dorothy said...

That's not a bad stash. That's only a bit bigger than mine.