Friday, February 02, 2007

Groundhog Day


Yesterday was my birthday. It was a peaceful and perfectly pleasant day. Since I'm still not allowed to go back to work, my husband took me to my mother's for the day so I wouldn't have to hang out alone all day. Then we went over to a friend's house and had dinner. A lovely start to a whole new decade for me.


I have been knitting quite a bit this week but I haven't taken the time to take pictures. I'm working on hats for Kate. I think this is one of the finest projects around. I have also been working on a pattern of my own design, for a friend. I will have knitting pictures to post this weekend.

For the Love of the Bandwagon

This morning I saw that the Yarn Harlot is once again participating in the Annual Brigid in Cyberspace Poetry Reading. This is the Second Annual event, it seems. There are so many options of poem's and nearly impossible to decide. I was looking for something serious and lyrical and lovely but meaningful and beautiful. Something obscure and highbrow. Then, I thought of this poem and decided to go a different direction.

Here is an oldie but a goodie, that my father has always been particularly fond of reciting.

One bright day in the middle of the night
Two dead boys got up to fight
Back to back they faced each other
Drew their swords and shot each other
A deaf policeman heard the noise
He came and killed those two dead boys
If you don’t believe my story is true,
Ask the blind man, he saw it, too.

Today's Quote:

"Dreams that do come true can be as unsettling as those that don't." Brett Butler


RC said...

Happy Birthday to yoouuuuuuu (cha-cha-cha)
Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuu(cha-cha-cha)
Happy Birrrtthhhdayyyyy, Dear Kristy
Happy Birthday to Yoouuuuuuu!

Cha-cha-cha is added on by every kid in my family. I really don't know why, but its cute.

Glad you had a nice day. Anyone make you monkey bread?

Rhett said...

happy birthday! hope you had a good one! :)

also - i loved your poem - it reminds me of my grandpapa who used to recite that very poem with such enthusiam! ill post his other favorite later in the day - right now we're running out the door to go visit my grandmother. :)

Cathy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm so glad you enjoyed your special day and got out of the house too! I hope this year is everything you hope for and more!

Charity said...

I hope you had a wonderful birthday! I've really enjoyed reading all this poetry around. :0)

Dorothy said...

Glad your Birthday was such a good day. May you have the best year ever in this new chapter of your life.

I like your poem. Very funny.

RobynR said...

Belated Happy Birthday Kristy!

Happy Mama to Three said...

Hey you forgot the preamble

"Ladies and Gentleman, Hobos and Tramps, cross-eyed mosquitoes and bowlegged ants, I come before you to stand behind you, to tell you something I know nothing about."

That's my favorite part. And Happy Day a little late here, though I have happy Day'd you in person.