Monday, April 23, 2007

A Delightful Surprise

Because I have been crazy busy the last two weeks, I have been neglectful of my email and late Friday afternoon I finally got around to return an email to my secret pal Joanie. Then, Friday evening, I was riding home from my parent's house with my husband (who had already been to the house after work) and he wanted to know what I had ordered from Staples. He said I had a big package at the house, delivered UPS, all taped up with Staples tape. I had no idea what he could be talking about.

Sure enough, when we got home, there was a box for me. When I saw the return address, I knew it had to be something from Joanie. Hurray!!!

The package was perfect. A delicious smelling vanilla candle, springy happy notecards (I love notecards), two skeins of Blue Sky Alpaca alpaca/silk in the amethyst colorway (the color in this picture is pretty close but you can't see the delicate sheen or the luxurious softness), and Elizabeth Zimmerman's book, Knitter's Almanac.

What a wonderful package - and a perfect way to end the week! Thank you Joanie!!

Here's my May package for my giftee, blurred for anonymity.

I've finished the second strip of the Almost Amish baby blanket and the back of a hedgehog since my last post. Yesterday evening, I completed several rows of the first of my DrDoctor socks. Not too much knitting news...which could have something to do with the time I spent beading yesterday. The beads, they are like Starbucks. You want to resist, but you just can't.


RC said...

like Starbucks...hahahaha funny!
I love the beads.. pretty, shiny, fun!

and you know who is your SP? What is up with that??

FFC said...

Soon you will have to convert this to a beading blog!

Love the picture of the stuff you sent your SP! I bet she will love all of it! I especially like the red blob. So cute!

Tami said...

I love that yarn your SP sent you! Do you have a project for it yet? And as for the beading...we can never limit ourselves to just one craft, that just wouldn't be fair, now would it?

Nora said...


Alpaca/silk "Amethyst"