Friday, June 01, 2007

Making a Post out of Nothing At All

Work is busy, life is hectic, I'm tired and the batteries are dead in my camera. All of these factors combine to mean that there's not much to blog about. So a few odds and ends...

Only a few more days to get in on Dorothy's fundraiser. She is giving away amazing prizes. You can buy seeds, stitch markers or just make a straight donation. Click on the fundraiser link above for her fundraising site. She also has tons of pictures of prizes on her regular blog.

Wednesday I went to KnitNight again and it was so much fun. Lots of really nice people there. Next week I will make sure I have batteries in the camera and try to convince these strangers that I should be permitted to take their pictures and post them on the internet.

Those of you who have been reading this blog for any amount of time should probably set down your glass of wine before reading this next bit of news: I told a girl at KnitNight that I would teach her to crochet something next week. (Yes, I do know how to crochet a thing or two. I just choose not to.) She apparently has always wanted to learn to make these and she was absolutely giddy when I commented that I don't crochet but I do know how to make them. I'll keep you in suspense until next week.

I completed the heel flap on the first sock and I am about 2 inches into the second sock. I am contemplating ripping out the heel flap of the first sock and making the leg longer. It is 6 inches but it seems too short. I am going to make my husband try it on again now that the heel flap is complete. I'll keep you posted.

I think that's it. If you need a good laugh, watch this. (Make sure your volume is up.) I've watched it several times and it makes me laugh everytime. Actually, you need to watch it a couple of times to take it all in.

Today's Quote:

“We’ve got to pause and ask ourselves, ‘How much clean air do we really need?’” Lee Iacocca


RC said...

glad knit night is working for you! I just know you will totally love being with "your people"

what's this about crochet?????

RobynR said...

woohoo! You have local knitters! Also, I'm guessing (because I just saw Knocked Up and my mind is currently on the sick side of the street) that the knitted/crocheted object in question is a willie warmer. And now to go scruba my brain with an S.O.S. pad :D

Charity said...

Glad to see you're doing okay! Sooooo, you're a crocheter, eh? :0)