Friday, December 07, 2007


In the time honored tradition of Dr. B, I give you this little tidbit I overheard yesterday:

I was sitting in the waiting room at the ankle doctor yesterday, waiting for my pre-op appointment. In that group, there are four podiatrists. A 60-ish looking husband and wife were there to see a different doctor than mine and they were standing at the counter beside me.

Wife (to receptionist): "Hi. We have appointments to see Dr. J. I'm at 9:00 and my husband at 9:15."

Receptionist: "Ok. I can get you checked in"....followed by the usual insurance and contact verification and chit chat.

Receptionist: "Do you two want to go back together or would you rather the nurse call you separately?"

Wife: "It doesn't matter to me." (Looks at husband.)

Husband: "That's fine. We can go back together." (Shrugs) "I've seen her boobs plenty of times before."

Receptionist: (Stunned awkward silence.)

Today's Quote:

"If I were two faced, do you really think I would be wearing this one?" -Abraham Lincoln


EnnaVic said...


Dr. B. said...

Hi-LAR-ious!! I do love me some Overheards, it's true. Just last night at the movies, I was trying for some good eavesdroppings, but it didn't really get much past "I'm recovering from my reunion with Jack Daniels last night."

Trixie said...

Finally, I got to read this ALL the way through. I think I have tried about four times and been interrupted each time.

This is so funny! What on earth was that man thinking? I would have loved to hear what his wife said while they waited.