Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Really, I think "progress" would be too generous a term.

Do you see that? That is the 5th - yes f-i-f-t-h - attempt at casting on for a "super quick" "super simple" "little nothing" of a project. I am trying to make a tampon cozy (and no, I am not ashamed) for my friend's stepdaughter for a stocking stuffer. I have already made three of these in the last month or so. There is nothing to it. Seriously. Maybe an hour, hour & fifteen minutes of knitting. Maybe. And that is me, the world's slowest knitter. But for some reason I keep screwing this up. I am inept. So I cast on again, took a picture of the 20 little cast on darlings and decided to wait until tomorrow. I'm sick of fighting with it.

Yesterday, with a little guidance from Kay, I discovered Rowan. I am hooked. What beautiful, striking patterns and pictures and people. Perfection! How have I missed this until now? I have been knitting for several years. I'm not a salty veteran knitter nor a wet behind the ears newcomer. I have seen Rowan mentioned in passing. I have even frittered past a few pictures. Until yesterday, I had never taken the time to stop. To look. To consider. I love color and contrast and classic combinations as well as unexpected combinations. Looking through the magazine samples, it was like coming home for my wandering knitterly soul. (Ugh) Really, though. I am thrilled to have made this discovery. And now I know what to ask for for Christmas.

I have been trying to find a picture of me to add to this blog. When I read other people's blogs, I always search around to find a picture of them and I am always disappointed if there isn't one. Maybe I think I might bump into someone I know or perhaps I just like for my imaginary friends to have faces. Whichever, I feel like a hypocrite for not having my own picture. Thing is, I really really hate having my picture made so there aren't very many snapshots of me running around. I do have a pictures from my wedding . . . what do you think? Will one of those do or is that a bad idea?

For now, here is a funny picture of my twin sister, Katy, from our trip last month to Cambria. This is at the beach in Morro Bay. I told her to pretend like she had fallen in a pit. This is what I got. She is so funny.


Rhett said...

HAHA! Funny you mention pics. I don't have any but wedding pictures either and I don't usually look like I looked on my wedding day, so I think it would be false advertising, but I want a pic badly. I should have made one last nigt on Good Hair Day, but oh well... We had clouds yesterday, minimal rain, but it was nice to be kinda gloomy, even for the day. I live in the Spartanburg area, so we are only about an hour from Asheville. From my parents house, we look across fields to the mountains and on a crisp fall day (like today where the high is 55 and the sky is crystal clear) you can see the radio and towers on the top of HogBack mountain. I love it! Time to put the sunroof back, radio loud and drive on a curvy road and let leaves fall in the car!

Rhett said...

Pictures have been added! :) Check it out! Also, I think I found a picture of me on the honeymoon with a sunburned nose that might work okay for now... will see what it looks like.

Stephanie said...

Rhett is making me want to go driving...

My pic was taken during geology field camp and I like it because it's enough to figure out I'm a real, live human, but not enough to recognize me on the street. So mysterious!

Tampon cozy, eh... good idea.

Stephanie said...

RYC: Oh holy crap, no. His family is so much easier. My family is bonkers! Much hilarity will ensue. Details will be reported. :-p

Rhett said...

I think we have to be related. I got married in June, but engaged the day before Thanksgiving last year. Happy upcoming anniversary to you !:) My husband is an only child and the center of the WORLD as far my MIL is concerned.

GET THIS... Steph, back me up on it... We are at our *rehearsal dinner* and she whispers to me "I have big news... Deane and I are getting married on July 4th." Background information, she has dated him 6 months and Oh yeah, we are still on our honeymoon that day. She then says, "Don't tell Kevin b/c I want to tell him *after all this is over*".

Being innocent and naive, I didn't know what "all this" meant, but I thought... her wedding...?

OH NO, on the DANCE FLOOR at MY RECPTION she tells her only child this news. Well good grief. He actually asked if I thought we should leave our honeymoon early to attend... I said no.

Sorry such a lengthy comment, but I get carried away. I am sorry you are in that situation with holiday crisis mil. I have, the steal the show mil and understand... it's hard.

On a positive, my mil likes liver patte as a turkey day appetizer... She cooked it, I didn't eat any. :P

Rhett said...

Yeah, that is lousy... I have not had direct hate, but I am blamed for EVERYTHING. It was the case for the first three years, that she was single and Kevin (her only) was now no longer "her date." And that caused issues, but now that she has a husband she is somewhat relaxed the, Rhett you're stealing my son, attitude. Seriously, I love her with my whole heart and feel badly that she felt alone and left out, but she isolated her self somewhat.