Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Super Secret Projects and Who Hijacked Fall?

Last night there was no knitting. There was, however, a super secret knitting related project going on at my house. There was yarn and there were needles. That's all I can say for now. One day I will show you pictures and then you can say, "Oh yeah. That's what the super secret project was!" (I'm sure there are people everywhere waiting with bated breath.)

For now though, I must lament (like Laurie and many others) that there apparently will be no Fall in California this year. It has been "unseasonably warm". I don't even need a jacket. I am a product of the South. I am a big fan of the seasons. All four of them (even summer) because the seasons? They are a silent little reminder that all is right with the world. That in spite of all the other craziness, some things just keeping going around and around. Like the tide. (There is still tide right? No one is missing that, are they?) If things keep up like this, I will spend the next 12 months confused, waiting for the pre-Thanksgiving weather to show up.

The only good thing about this freakishly mild autumn we are having is that the trees are beautiful and the colors are lingering later. I guess that is the silver lining.

Here is a picture of the orange tree in the parking lot at work.

And then the yellow one off in the distance.

Try to ignore the blinds. They are the kind that are inside the window. I guess that is what I get for taking pictures from inside the office.


Rhett said...

Beutiful Trees! I can report from the south that today I woke up and it was 65 degrees... that is the high for the day! Fall is coming today! Highs tomorrow mid 50's! I am wearing a sweater to celebrate. I hope you cool off soon. :)

Stephanie said...

Hahaha, the red clay in that pic was in a clay mine in Aiken, SC. I live in SC at the moment but closer to where you are from. We have plenty of red clay, I can mail you some if you get desperate. :-p

laurie said...

Yes, it is hot! I want winter to come and free me from knitting purgatory. I think it's just to hot to knit. You know?

OH MY GOSH Kristy! I am so behind in email I am so so sorry, I am going to spam you today with many replies, though :)

P.S. I love the coffee bean background of your website!

Tori said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I shouldn't complain about the weather, but I felt really wierd yesterday. I think it was because my body couldn't figure out what season it was! Don't you just love the Fuzzy Feet? It does need to cool off though if our giftees in CA are gonna be able to use them this year......