Sunday, November 13, 2005

And on the seventh day, there were Fuzzy Feet.

At long last, here are the finished fuzzy feet.


Post felting:

I was pretty pleased with them. I used Lamb's Pride bulky (I really should read patterns more closely. I was so enthusiastic to get them started and use up some stash, I didn't pay attention to the word "worsted"...)

The cuff didn't shrink as much as I would have liked. These will probably be pretty drafty. They are also a little on the short side (heel to toe). Tomorrow I am going to try them on the feet of their intended. We'll see then. I made them to the pattern (9 inches from the heel before starting the toe decrease.) I'll let you know after she tries them on. I am going to make a second pair for another friend for Christmas. She has narrow, smallish feet so I will probably knit these to the pattern, too. But if I ever make any for me, I will knit them longer so I can felt them more and hopefully snug up the cuff.

Pair #2 on the needles. I made the cuff 4" instead of the pattern's 3".

11/14/05 2:00pm Public Service Announcement: I delivered the red & black Fuzzy Feet to Courtney (with the small feet) and they are a little too short for her, too. She is going to try dampening them and wearing them around with some bulky socks for a few days and see if they will stretch back out enough to be comfortable. We'll see. The LP bulky shrinks more in one direction than the other so adjust accordingly.


Stephanie said...

I just finished fuzzy foot #1 and ... it looks absurd. I know there is hope, but still. I'm glad to see it worked for you, and in bulky yarn at that!!

laurie said...

Hot damn you have a blog!!! Let the stalking begin!! hehehehehe

Sorry, i am not too observant. you have had this blog many days and I only just figured it out. I need to be TOLD these things, LOL. I adore you and your blog and your fuzzyfeet!!!

weaselrina said...

OMG the fuzzy feet are SO CUTE!!!
Such nice colors!

I"m making my second and third pair in bulky (first pair were in cascade 220 and I wanted to try a bulky pair) and I'm glad to see how well yours worked out!

weaselrina said...

P.S. You had asked if I'd double the cascade the next time - I don't think so.. I like the cascade singled - i thought lambs pride would make for a nicer bulky pair.

Rhett said...

Stephanie's Fuzzy Foot #1 does not look absurd, I saw it. Your's look fantastic though! I love the 2 colors. Keep up the good work! I am so inspired, but stuck on my still in progress dish cloth. I purled when I should have knit and now my rows are in a funk... I think I will rip them out and start over. I am a beginner... dish cloths are the limit for me.

Tara said...

Good job on your fuzzy feet! The color of your second pair is just go-jus!!

Tori said...

I LOVE the colors of both of them! They do stretch out a bit with wearing so if there a little short it shouldn't be a problem. Take care, Tori