Friday, November 11, 2005

Ball & Skein & More

In October, my sisters and I went to Cambria, on California's central coast. We had a wonderful time. It was one of the best trips I've ever taken. Relaxing, fun, interesting. We had a great time. We visited Hearst Castle (seen here in the distance)

And then we drove a little further up the coast on 1 and visited the sea elephants.

As you can see, they are very relaxed here, sunning themselves on the beach. We also went shopping at the antique shops in Cambria which was a lot of fun.

The next day, we went wine tasting and then my sisters went to another shop (they don't knit) while I went to the Ball & Skein & More (recommended to me by Inky), a great little shop with lots of (extremely pricey) treasures. I left with these:

Has anyone ever knit with bamboo yarn? I also bought these size 4 dpns. The shop owner suggested the bamboo yarn and the dpns would yield a lovely pair of socks. Maybe it was the two(ish) hours of wine-tasting preceding the shopping trip, but, umm . . . I don't knit socks. And out of bamboo? It doesn't seem that soft. . . Any thoughts?

I also got that skein of Fuschia Tahki Cotton Classic for an on going project, as well as three skeins of the Berroco Softtwist in that fabulous dark red. I don't know if they are going to not carry it anymore or what, but it was only $3.50 a skein and I really like it. I have no idea what it will eventually become, but it was too good to pass up.

And in the very best news, yesterday afternoon, after an exceptionally long week (month...summer/fall...) my Boss gave me the day off today. Even though it wasn't a scheduled holiday for us. Even though I don't technically have the vacation time. Even though there is still plenty of work to do. He just told me I could stay home today and that he appreciated all my extra effort recently. And I had actually done a great deal of catching up yesterday so I can take the day off and not feel guilty and worry about what isn't getting done. So, I'm off to watch Law & Order on tivo, finish up Fuzzy Foot #2 and drink my pajamas!

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Rhett said...

Love the Blog, Love the choice in TiVo-ed tv and am most jealous of your day off today. I work in an office as an assistant to a group of recruiters. Nothing is going on today so I am surfing, reading blogs and hanging out. I got your link off Crazy Aunt Purl... one of my favorites! Starting to knit on my own... still on project #1 and making SLOW progress, but maybe one day the fuzzy feet can be mine. I hope you had a GREAT day off!