Sunday, November 06, 2005

Well, there it is. My very first Fuzzy Foot. I'm knitting away on the second one. I can't wait to felt these babies. I got momentarily distracted this evening, working on a purse I've been trying to design plus trying to figure out how to run this blog business but tomorrow it is back to Fuzzy Foot #2.

Tonight I got an email from fellow Fuzzy Feet KALer Laura responding to my question about using Lamb's Pride Bulky instead of LP Worsted. I'm eager to see how it works out. Do you think anyone would notice if I knit in church tomorrow morning? ha Anyway, Laura made a good point: knit blogging is great for moral support. Maybe there are others out there who, like me, lack local knitting friends. These are the friends that I knit with: Sally & Zena

(Not the best picture but a quickie from my cell phone...)

Anyway, tomorrow night we are going out to dinner for some family birthdays so I am going to try to get some good quality knitting time in tomorrow afternoon. We'll see since, as previously disclosed, I am a super slow knitter.

P.S. I didn't realize how much I would have to deal with actual "code" to have a blog. Bleck!


Laura said...

Welcome to the world of blogging Kristi!! I'd tell you to swing over to Typepad to avoid the "code" but it looks like you've got a great start on blogger! Love your format and color choices. :)

The fuzzy kind are great friends to knit with - they always have something to contribute to your finished objects. heh

Ann said...

What a cozy blog!

Your fuzzy foot looks really fuzzy. And my rule of thumb on combining religion and knitting: they're the same thing! I knit during Sunday school. Definitely. If anybody asks, you just say, "I'm doing the Lord's work," and keep knitting.