Sunday, November 06, 2005

I am a co-designer! I think I've finally discovered how to put this in my sidebar....

Today I spent a little time knitting fuzzy foot #2 and a little time designing the square neck line for Ann's Perfect Sweater future search. As you may or may not know, Ann over at Mason-Dixon Knitting has been doing a Future Search to design the Perfect Handknit Sweater. Many of the basics, including the type of yarn (Cascade 220), have already been determined. Yesterday I went to my LYS (funny, they don't even list "yarn" as one of their product lines. Hum) and bought a single skein to do some swatching. You see, in addition to being the world's slowest knitter, I also have some gauge issues on occassion. I tend to knit super tight. I am in counseling for it. Anyway, I am eager to see the results of the hem tally and see this project progress. I intend for this sweater to be my first project of 2006.

Oh, I also finished this hat for my husband's aunt's birthday, which is the Wednesday after Thanksgiving. (Ahead of schedule, even!)

It is just a plain hold hat pattern, K2, P2 rib for 6 rows and the stockinette. It is knit from Berroco Lullaby in the Willy Winky colorway. For some inexplicable reason, I love this yarn.

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