Monday, November 07, 2005

For the Love of Fuzzy Feet.

So here is Fuzzy Foot #2, just after I finished turning the heel and just before I picked up the stitches around the gusset. As you can see, I used a circular for the heel flap. Other than that, I've been using dpns. The whole first FF was knitted on dpns.

After dinner, during a tivo'ed Law & Order: Criminal Intent (Hurray for Tivo! Hurray for Vincent D'Onofrio!) I picked up stitches and started down the Fuzzy Feet home stretch and polished off a bottle of wine because, really, what goes better with picking up stitches than wine? Nothing! A little wine, a few decrease rows and now we are here:

. . . only 3 more sets of the decrease rows, some toe shaping and then I'll be ready to felt. I think I'll pack my lunch tomorrow so I can knit for an hour at lunch time then be ready to felt tomorrow night. Ideally, I could felt tomorrow night. Realistically, it will probably be Wednesday or Thursday night. We'll see. For now, I think Fuzzy Foot #1 is have a cup of coffee and patiently awaiting a tumble in the washing machine. I hope the caffeine doesn't effect the felting process...

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