Saturday, December 03, 2005

Hats for Haji & A Christmas Tree for Me.

Ok. So I didn't get the new scenery up yet but I will. Soon. Maybe Monday. I'll have to ask the sister.

Blogland is such a quiet place on the weekends but I decided to take a break from vacuuming up the pine needles and cleaning the microwave and show you the pictures of the finished hats that I am sending along with the stuffed animals to Laurie's friend Haji in Afghanistan. Here is the lovely little purple wool guy and his goofy green variegated acrylic cousin, with the fringe. The green hat was knit on the recommended needles. The purple hat was knitted on size 7s. I would not do that again with that yarn. It was a little too tight and made my wrists ache.

As a sidenote, both a furry moose dog toy (which the Sally refuses to play with) and an empty wine glass work out nicely for posing hats.

My handsome prince is over at my parents' house helping my long-suffering father put up the four (yes, I said four) Christmas trees. Mama is known for going all out for Christmas but this will be her first year with four trees. Lucky for me, Daddy and the HP brought my tree to my house before setting off with the others. For the moment, the tree is in the middle of the living room. See?

I'll let you know if it gets to stay there. You see that lamp-table over there to the left? It normally lives where the tree is now. We'll see how this works out.

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. (Did you notice? I've managed - at least temporarily - to procure the digital camera!!!)

Oh, and because I am camera happy, here is one more picture of the purple hat, from the top. I just think it looks nifty from the top. So here you go.


Laura said...

Love your tree - I miss having a real tree sometimes (but not at the pine needle vacuuming time). We used to cut a cedar out of my ex father in law's pasture in our "poor years". They were hard to decorate but when all the stuff is on there, any tree looks pretty.

And I love the pictures of your hats - the variegated yarn is so pretty - even from the top! :)

amandamonkey said...

The hats are really fantastic and I love your big healthy tree (no tree for us this year due to the move, so next year we may have to have four to make up for it!).

Thank you, thank you for the info on the bleeding hearts. I bought them for Rock Star last Valentine's Day like, oh we will have a place together next year at this time and won't be long-distance anymore - so they are really important. I have Googled the issue on and off, but no *real* information was available. You rock! Thanks again!

Stephanie said...

ooooh pretty!

Morris said...

Very beautiful work! You have great talent!

Mr. Morris
Ask Morris

laurie said...

These are so pretty! Love them!