Sunday, December 04, 2005


So there we go. A little kitsch for the Ok! What Next?? neighborhood. Thanks, Sister!

Yesterday we got out Christmas tree. We had to cut some of the boughs off the bottom so that it would fit in the tree stand so I used the branches to make a hanging for my front door. On the coffee table in the living room, it looked nice. On the front door, it looks kind of sparse. I think I may need to take it down and spice it up a little....

Floral arranging isn't really my gig.

Today's knitting: three rounds on the Rowan Calmer hat, about half a sleeve on my mother's Christmas sweater and I ripped out a baby blanket that was 3/4 finished because I've decided I don't like the colors after all. Call me indecisive.


knitonelondon said...

Love your makeover! My blog's kind of boring in that way...

I also love your hat pictures - especially the one from the top. Good work!

Stephanie said...

Ooooooh!!! I like it!!! I want a makeover... hmmm.

Your floral arranging is great!!!

Rhett said...

Kristy, I love the Christmas Tree, I love the hats and the front door is SOOOOOOOOO cute! You are so talented!!!

I have obtained the camera at my hosue for the week, so I will take a few pics and post away this afternoon :) They make the blogs so much more fun! We have 3 digigal cameras between the two of us. The Cannon Dig. Elf - Goes with Kevin EVERYWHERE and even to work so I never get to touch it. The Nikon Coolpix 5700 - can't find the battery or charger... useless. And the Cannon Dig. SLR. That is the one I am taking control of, but it is kinda big and bulky for everyday use and outside the home photography. I mean, I would look like a stalker if I was seen shooting pics around town with it. Anyway, maybe Santa will bring me a little one... but why? We have three.

Thank you for your kind words for Madonna the other day. I am so glad for you that you have been well for 4 years! That is wonderful!

Keep up the good work!