Monday, December 12, 2005

Mixed Messages

On the one hand, I have my Christmas tree up and completely decorating. I even managed to go out and purchase a new tree topper.

On the other hand, I haven't purchased even one gift. I have a husband, parents, parents-in-law, aunts-in-law, sisters, brothers, sister-in-law, brothers-in-law, and many nieces and nephews to buy for. That is just the family.

I have addressed all but about 10 Christmas cards. (This is momentous.)

I haven't done a morsel of Christmas baking.

I have Christmas stockings hung by the china cabinet with care. (We are sans fireplace.)

I have 4 boxes of Christmas decorations sitting untouched on the floor in our dining room.

Apparently I can't decide whether or not to be spirited this year. I am so busy with everything else that it is hard to get in the groove. There is so much going on - though nothing extraordinary. Just your run of the mill chaos like work and family obligations, feeling poorly and just wanting to rest and work . . . . it goes on and on. There are times that I wish I had lived in a different time. I think I would have made an excellent 1950's housewife.

Before I give in to the mournful cries of the pattern-challenged Calmer hat, I do have a little (and I mean negligible) something to show you. It is a sunglasses cozy I knit for my niece's Christmas. It is just a small sort of side gift. It is made from two strands of Lamb's Pride Bulky (from the scrap pile) held together. It knit up super super quickly even for me (I couldn't sleep Friday night so I sat up watching tivo'ed Law & Orders and did this little tidbit.) Here it is prefelting:

And post felting (with the sunglasses).

As you can tell, sometime between early Saturday morning and late Sunday afternoon, I lost my grip on the digital camera.


Rhett said...

Kristy, I am sorry you thought I was MIA! Stephanie sent me your comment :) I am here working and blogstalking and I ADORE the sunglasses case! I want to make one! Do tell!
My reporting program at work is not working, so I am drafting a posting for the day and should have it up later this morning. Things are so manic around the house, I have some great pics to post, but I can't do it from here and when I get home it is the last thing I think about.
Anyway, I just wanted to say, "hi!"

laurie said...

My camera died after all the scarf pics and I have to go buy some before I can take pics of my luuuuurvely ornaments... but will do so soon.

I love the felted sunglasses case!!!

Susie said...

I wanna be a '50's housewife! We can dust and vacuum in our heels and pearls then play bridge and sip sherry with the ladies at the club afternoons...or maybe not. Just a thought, very Donna Reed-ish.

C'mon...put that Christmas spirit up! (Or get the boxes out of the way before someone trips on them!) Go make tea, put on some Christmasy music, sit a spell and knit and dream of White Christmases. It seems to be working for me...

Hugs to ya,

Rhett said...

Biltmore pics posted :)

I too want to be a housewife. I would dist in pearls... if I could get out of bed before 10am :)

Meaghan said...

I love that sunglasses case. I've made a couple for Chrissie presents (OK, I lie - I've made one and the other is half many days before Christmas??). But they are a different design - not as nice as yours! The Lamb's Pride is lovely felted. Looks like we're both on a bit of a felting kick!