Wednesday, December 14, 2005

No News

Skeins of yarn purchased today: 2 (Honey if you are reading this, 0. I only said 2 to amuse my knitting friends.)

Knitting projects finished today: 1 (the ribbed hat)

New knitting projects started today: 3 (a pair of baby booties, another /*#%@! hat and a shawl)

Pictures taken of any of the above: 0

Elementary school band concerts attended: 1 (followed by one elementary school band sized headache)

Christmas cards mailed: 0

Christmas cards addressed: 84

Christmas cards remaining to be addressed: 6

Christmas gifts purchased: 8

Christmas gifts wrapped: 0

Comments to other knitting blogs composed in my head: 18

Comments to other knitting blogs actually composed and posted: 0

I'll try again tomorrow.


Laura said...

A big day indeed. Love the "0 skeins of yarn bought". Wish I could use that on my husband. :)

Christine said...

Hey sunshine, You can purchase books on audio through itunes or you can buy them on cd and transfer them to the ipod like you would your regular cds.

Rhett said...

HA it did snow and ice... see today's posting :) Today it is 52 degrees... go freakin figure... but no kidding... 1/2 inch... and it is TERRIBLE over 100k without power.