Sunday, January 01, 2006

Can I Get Some Help Over Here?

Oh how easy it is to become remiss in blogging. How easy it is to not sit down here and type and put thoughts to words. There is a country song by Doug Stone from the early 90's (I think) called I Was Too Busy Being in Love and I think that is how the last week or so has been. I've been too busy enjoying Christmas, tying up loose ends at old work, trying to set up my world at new work, making New Year's plans, playing with my Christmas presents, spending time with family. . . . .it is the age old tale: the good things are always under documented.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's celebrating. As for me, well the swift and ball winder were sadly amiss this holiday but I was oh so wonderfully gifted with so many other things, I didn't even notice. (And besides, I have a birthday coming up February 1 so maybe I can manage to beg for those before then!) Among the treasures that came my way and at the top of the Yippee list: my handsome prince got me my very own super-duper A #1 digital camera.

This, of course, is not a picture of MY camera, but the picture they have on the Canon website. It is a Canon Powershot A620, with 7.1 megapixels for "stunning clarity" and 4 times optical zoom. As fancy as this baby is, I haven't figured out how to get it to take a picture of itself. I have had such fun playing with it, though, honestly, I haven't really figured out much about its fanciest of features yet. That will come. There will be much knitting to photograph in the days ahead. (There was much yarn and other knitterly goodness bestowed upon me this year and I have been enjoying it quite thoroughly this past week.)

And on the knitting front, I am looking for a volunteer or two. I am working on a pattern and I'd like another knitter's input. As previously discussed here at Ok? What Next?? my local circle of friends does not include any knitters.

This project calls for the following skills:
  • Provisional cast-on
  • Knitting in the round
  • Picking up stitches
  • Felting

Simple, simple, simple but still, I think, a nifty pattern. If you would be interested, please send me an email at crickitleigh (at) hotmail (dot) com or leave a comment in the comments with your email.

Hopefully this week will allow for at least some posting time. I am going to being working a lot: All day Monday at the old job and then 5 hours a day at each job Tuesday through Friday. It makes me weary just thinking about it. I think I am going to go have some wine and knit.


Tosh said...

So what is the pattern? Anything with a provisional co is okay by me! I use it regularly for short-row toes on socks.

Stephanie said...

Hey! I can do all those!! I think I might need a new badge or something. Actually, I have photographic proof of it... including the felting. Don't judge.

knitonelondon said...

Hey Kristy, it's your UK twin here! See, no whilst we were lazing around enjoying our public holiday yesterday, you were working your socks off, poor thing! One good thing here is that if the public holiday falls at the weekend, they give you a compensating weekday to make up for it. I know that's not common in Europe or the US!

I really hope your week isn't too hard and you get to knit...

On the knitting skills, I've yet to felt or knit in the round and only in the past week or so have I done the other two. Still, I'm alive to tell the tale, so I'll help if I can! Leave me a message or email me at krnitonelondon AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk

amandamonkey said...

Oooooooh, *awesome* gift. I got my little camera last year for xmas and you can see where it led me - straight to the blogosphere!

I'd love to help you with your pattern. I'm pretty insane until after my settlement on the 20th, but if that works in your schedule, feel free to email me (amandaATguerrillastitcherDOTcom).


Laura said...

Oh, the camera! 7.1 MP!!!!! My camera would be so intimidated by your camera's prowess. Does it take movies too? I wish mine did. I need a new one.

Have you had enough volunteers for help? I have found that ANY knitting technique that I've been unsure about has a multitude of instructional web sites on the internet (can you say kitchener?). Scanning a few of those for any new technique should arm you with all the instruction you could get from a knitting grrlfriend, sometimes with videos!