Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Strangers in the Night

Hi! Just passing through and thought I throw together a quick post.

Old job: Wrapping up nicely. Hired replacement today. Training starts tomorrow. Insanely busy.

New job: Starting up nicely. I can finally see my desk. I've unearthered five "follow up" files. They are labeled "For Immediate Review" "For Prompt Review" "Review Quickly" "Review Right Away" and "For Leisurely Review". Insanely busy.

Knitting: Sadly neglected.

You know, the blog tips and pointers encourage short, to the point posts. I think this is my first one of those!!


Rhett said...

Short and to the point... what about when work has you so busy you don't have time to post, as was the case with me today :) Happy New Year!!! :) I have missed reading your posings... and I am VERY excited about your camera. I broke my adopted camera, but it is fixed now... too bad it was broken on my trip to Ft. Lauderdale... there was so much to take pics of. I am going back in 2 weeks to see the king tut exhibit. I am sooooo excited.

Anyway, working on being past my bed time and I am trying to finish my first "diagonal dish cloth" tonight. Steph sent me the pattern... she didn't say it had crack in it like her mcdonalds fries.

Talk to you soon. Glad to hear the new job is going well!

Laura said...

I guess you're... what... catching up on your rest the first weekend after working two jobs? :)

I hope the new job is going well, the old job is going well, and you're getting a bit of relaxing knitting done so you can use the spiffy new camera! (((Hugs)))

laurie said...

Kristy... I sure miss you and your kind, happy spirit and I hope you are well and so busy living the good life that you have no time for writing :) You take care

Stephanie said...

yooooooo hooooooo.... this is your wake up call. I move that the blogging begins again (because I haven't posted in like a million years either). Please?

Rhett said...

Calling Kristy, blogging has started again. Steph is right :) Heck, we all took a break about the same time, but I have posted twice in a week. Steph has posted two days back to back (look out!) so now it's your turn. :) We miss you!!!! I hope the new job isn't keeping you *that* busy!