Monday, April 10, 2006

This Week in Pictures

Full Disclosure: This post does not include any pictures of the work-in-progress Daisy sweater for Courtney's baby. It is progressing but I'm not showing it to you today. (To be perfectly frank, I was planning to show you pictures of it today but the camera batteries died before I got any sweater pictures taken. Stupid camera.)

Knitting News: Look! Does anyone know what this is?Yep, it's a log cabin. I haven't woven in the ends yet but that's ok. I wanted to photograph it while I had the camera out. My very first knitting inspired by the fabu Mason-Dixon Knitting book. This is my own personal take on the "Courthouse Steps" version of a log cabin. And that super happenin' backdrop is my favorite squish pillow.

From the Department of Yarn Procurement: Sometimes, a knitter simply needs to buy yarn. You get that tingling in your fingertips. You want to touch and feel and, well, possess. Most of the following items were purchased with gift certificates I've been holding on to since Christmas and birthday. First up, my first ever Noro purchase:

Two skeins of the Kureyon in colorway 95. You would think that this would soothe that savage yarn horder beast. But no. No, no, no. So next came

A single skein of Mango Moon recycled Tibetan sari silk. Which would have photographed better in the hank than in this carefully wound ball. Alas, hindsight and all that. Any thoughts on what I should do with this single skein?

Still not enough. So Wednesday brought a visit to Elegant Stitch.

If you will refer back to the ABC's presented here last week, please take special note of Q wherein I introduced you to my quilt project. The rest of the recent yarn acquisitions are brought to you by the letter Q:

This five little bundles of joy are Tahki Cotton Classic. Of course. These partial skeins are from a kit that was on clearance. I am not sure exactly how much yarn is in each of these balls but they will do quite nicely for the quilt project. And I got a great deal. The kit was for a (forgive me for saying so) horrible baby hat. This yarn will now go to a better cause.

Then yesterday, my mother and I made a run to Sonora to investigate By Hand Yarn. A lovely little store, in fact, with a diverse selection. Only a moderate selection of Cotton Classic, though. Not one single skein of red. I'll have to order those online, I suppose. Tragic. We did find something worth bringing home with us. (Imagine that!)

The solids:

The multi-colors:

So, not obscene yarn shopping or anything but alot of purchases for me in such a short window. I did discover tonight while doing a little online browsing that Webs is having their annual sale. I guess that answers the question of where I'll be getting the red for the quilt.

A Call for help: In creating this knit-quilt, I'm going for that true old-fashioned patchwork/scrap quilt feel. Kay very graciously sent me some Tahki CC leftovers she had lying around. If anyone out there has any partial skeins or scraps of Cotton Classic on hand, I would be very eager to work out a purchase or a trade or something.

So there we have it. Another post. And only one week since the last one. Maybe I've got the hang of this blogging thing after all. :)


Laura said...

"Tragic." heh Right. Fun yarn acquisitions - what are you going to do with the Noro? Possible felting? Fun fun fun... and you said you didn't have a yarn shop nearby. If it's within driving distance it's nearby. Of course that's all relative. heh

My husband thinks I should open a yarn shop in our little bitty town. I said, Hun... I don't think we'd get much business or there'd be one here already.

Stephanie said...

Okay. Color #95 is droolworthy. I'm just sayin'.

Now. Please don't bid against me. I didn't link on my blog hoping to keep down the competition....

Stephanie said...

Kristy.... I got MDK. And I'm feeling a log cabin phase coming on. Crap.

Anonymous said...

K - I thought your "log cabin" was a pot holder...guess I don't know as much about knitting as you would wish me to. But I bet it is soooo soft!!

Rhett said...

hey... where've you been? i miss you terribly!!

now stephanie and you have spoken of the greatness of MDK... I am almost buying in :) Gotta finish a few things first...

I hope everythig is okay:)