Thursday, July 20, 2006


Neglectful? Yes.

Absentee? Yep, unfortunately.

Bad Blogger? (Sheepish Grin.)

Negligent? Umm, Guilty.

Deplorable? Uh huh, that's me.

Piteous? Yes, yes, yes! I know.

Have you ever had a friend who only came around when they needed something? Who sort of hung out on the fringes, watching what the others were doing but not really participating? The kind of friend who never really called you up just to say hi but if they needed help, suddenly you get a call from out of no where. That sort, "Oh hi. How are you? What's going on?" call?

That's me. This is that " ya' doin'?" call.

Can you believe that it has been three months since we last spoke? My, how time flies!! When last we met, I had just started the Daisy sweater for Courtney's baby. I had started it. I have been distracted off and on by Ann & Kay's book and another baby blanket and some know, this and that. I have also been busy convalescing. I broke my ankle in early May and it has been a stupid mess. After two months in a hard cast with no improvement, I'm now in a walking cast,

until I have surgery on it August 16. Let's not discuss it any more.

So, remember how I mentioned about friends who just call you up when they need help? I'm calling up for help.

Let's talk about the Daisy sweater. The body is complete. The sleeves, which I'm knitting simultaneously, are about half finished. As I near the end of the knitting, I am contemplating the finishing options. As you may (or may not) remember, I've been knitting this little darling out of my beloved Rowan Calmer in Coffee Bean....

Here's where the help comes in. If the Womb with a View ultrasound on the 29th reveals a little girl, then I'm ok, because the Calmer comes in several great flowery colors and I will finish the sweater with pretty flowers, like the pattern calls for. If, however, the ultrasound shows a baby boy, then I am stuck. I want to do a sea turtle motif. I've created the sketches and I think it will be really cute (I'll get the pictures of the sweater-so-far and the sketch posted tomorrow or the next day.) Sadly, the Calmer doesn't come in two nice shades of green, which is what I will need for the turtle.

There in lies the dilemma. What cotton or cotton blend yarn can I use that has two nice, complimentary shades of green and would work well with the Calmer? The Calmer is so nice and soft and doesn't shrink. I would hate to get this project all done and then ruin it by adding emellishments that draw up or stretch out.

So, what do ya'll think? Has anyone used hemp yarn much? I have heard that it holds up well to washing and is quite soft. I really like the Piquant Green and the Burnt Olive of the Elann Canapone. I'm keen on the turtle and his accompanying little water plants being a slightly different texture but I don't want them to clash. I am up for your suggestions - any and all would be greatly appreciated.

I hope you are all well. I have missed the blogging! You know how it goes...I've meant to blog and I've thought of all sorts of things to say but then, somehow, I kept getting distracted. Anyway, here I am now. Please help with the yarn! I need to have this sweater finished and polished and ready for the August 27th shower and I'm having ankle surgery August 16 so....

Hi! How are you? HELP!


Rhett said...

Well, I am just glad to know you're upright and breathing :) You know I am such an ignorant knitter (read still working on patchwork purse) that I could offer know advice as to your questions b/c if it aint a dish cloth, I dont really know :) I am glad you're back. Hope to see more of you online now!! I've missed you terribly!!!

Stephanie said...

Sorry, I'm still a little stunned by "Womb With a View"...

If it comes to it, I have some light green Cotton-Ease I would consider donating to the cause. Consider. ;-)

Dorothy said...

You could do the turtle in green and tan.

amandamonkey said...

1) Wow! You're alive! Great to see it!
2) Are you pregnant?!
3) If the answer to #2 is 'yes', are you due before 16 Aug?!?