Friday, July 21, 2006

Promises, Promises

As promised: here are some pictures of the Daisy progress (body and sleeves appearing separately) as well as my turtle sketch. Please go gently on the turtle. It is just a very rough, conceptual sketch.

Here is the outside, front. I love the smooth, lovely stockinette just all laid out there, framed by the seed stitch hem and buttonhole band. So nice. So pleasant on needles and so easy on the mind.

And here, for once I am not ashamed of my wrong side. Look at the nubby goodness of the inside.

I know that there is nothing remotely rocket sciencey about this sweater and yet I have such an affection for it. I think it is because of the recepient. I wish ya'll could meet Courtney. You would love her. She is sweet and funny and reminds me of where I come from (the South) and she makes me laugh - and she and her husband, Patrick, are both so thrilled about this baby. You can't help but be excited for them. Hurray for Courtney & the Baby!!

So, the turtle. Please see the following questionable sketch, which I photographed in lackluster light because I was too lazy to get up and go in the other room and scan it.

The colored in area, that is what I have in mind for the dark green, I think, with light green head and flippers. Then the sea plants around him, some in dark and some in light. Then I would do a few more sea plants on the opposite hem from where turtle boy is swimming along.

What do ya'll think of Dorothy's suggestion in yesterday's comments, about using green and tan instead of two shades of green?


amandamonkey said...

I like green and tan, but I've gotta admit I'm a little bummed that the peanut isn't YOURS!

Rhett said...

green and tan = good idea :)

so glad to have you back!! I can't tell you how much you were missed... I actually had to WORK some of the days b/c there were no Kristy postings to read and comment on... Ack!

The sweater is so cute! You're doing a great job.