Saturday, September 23, 2006

A Brief Distraction

Full Disclosure

I couldn't find my camera cord the other night when I was posting (of course, I didn't try too hard to find it, either) and so I wasn't able to show ya'll the sad photo of the unknitting of my scarf exchange scarf. Here it is:

(I promise that one day I will again show you pictures not taken on my laptop. One day.)

After rewinding that mess you see above, me and the scarf forged ahead. And here we are this morning:
Not the most revealing picture but it shows the progress. There is more scarf hanging over the back of the monitor. The little bundle there on the right is what is left of the first skein. Current length: 28". I am aiming for 70" or so. I know that I can block the sides and calm that little roll under thing that is going on but I'm not sure this pattern/yarn combination is going to lend itself to aggressive blocking in regards to length. I'll keep you posted.

I Felt the Need

I was glad to hear that so many have had good experiences with the Fiber Trends patterns. I was really hoping that was the case. I did decide to go ahead and get the FT pattern for the felted lambs. Aren't they cute? I am planning to do at least one white sheep and one black sheep. After that, we'll see if I want to make anymore.

Did ya'll watch the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy this week?

I really should be knitting on my scarf...


lemmie said...

I *love* your scarf! I'm sure you've already mentioned it, but is this pattern available on the web? What yarn did you use?

Thanks also for your kind words on my blog! You should check out artfibers next time you're in san francisco. apparently, they are the original folks to coin the term "yarntasting." from the literature the husband brought home, it also looks like they have a wonderful sitting area in which to knit. i'll have to visit there when I'm in California next time!


Dorothy said...

Your scarf looks gorgeous and so cozy.

I'm putting my pennies away for that pattern too. They are so cute.

Dr. B. said...

Your scarf is really lovely, and you seem to have made great progress!

Courtney said...

LOVE the scarf, I would wear it...hint, hint!!! (I am thinking mine should be a deep red color) The Lambs are adorable!!