Tuesday, September 19, 2006

You Win Some, You Lose Some

Ladies & Gentlemen, I am sad to report that my wandering mind has gotten the upper hand. Last night I had to rip out three and a half repeats of my scarf. Slightly less than half of what I had completed. I am sad about this. (LOSE category) I love this scarf pattern and I love this yarn and I am really enjoying watching it grow but it is, as always, disheartening to have to undo so much work. Ya'll, I can't tell you how much I really like my pal. She is a sweetheart and I can't wait to finish this scarf and get it in the mail to her. And of course, I am also anxious to know if she likes it as much as I do. (I am contemplating sending her some separate yarn in the final package in case she hates it and wants to knit herself something else!)

Things are moving right along over at the Grandmother Purl blog. We have had (at last tally) 160 people sign up to knit squares. Now I am just hanging out, working on my scarf, trying to keep up with all the wonderful comments/emails and waiting to start receiving squares! Stop by some time. This is definitely in the WIN Category.

My ankle is still on the mend. I'm only going to have a very small scar (I will spare ya'll a picture.) Theoretically, four more weeks of zero weight bearing but only two weeks from my next check up, with x-rays and decision making and all that business. So we will see. I am secretly daydreaming that he will decide then that I should be walking. Keep your fingers crossed.

Have any of you used any of the Fiber Trends patterns? I found the pattern for these felted sheep at Mielkes Farm. I have never used a Fiber Trends patterns. Are they worth ordering? I have had a wild hair to knit and felt something and I am really thinking maybe this is it.


lemmie said...

hi kristy - i just posted an entry on my blog too (http://letricotage.blogspot.com) about ripping out a bunch of rows in my scarf for the ISE. i'm so bummed so i feel your pain! good luck - the photo you put on ise is beautiful!

Jen said...

Oh dear - don't you just hate that! And your scarf is SO beautiful you want it to be perfect. I'm SURE your pal will love it. Good luck on the check-up, but please don't do too much too early. Let it heal properly or, trust me on this, you will regret it. No matter how badly you want to be up and about again, it WILL be worth the wait. Okay, enough nagging. Happy knitting :)

RC said...

Fiber Trends patterns ROCK! You will SO love them!
I have crocheted crusher hat, felted clogs, ballet slippers, Oh and the landscape shawl too... They are some of the most well written patterns I have had the pleasure of working from.
Go for it!

Bummer about the scarf. I hate when that happens.

Stephanie said...

Oh but they are really, really cute.

Dorothy said...

Those are the cutest things ever! I want to order that pattern now. I haven't really heard anything about their patterns though.

My fingers are crossed that you'll be up and walking in two weeks too.

Flemisa said...

Good luck at the Doctor's. Is he recommending any of the Glusomine or such to help the bones?

I am working on the Hedgehogs from Fiber Trends and find them very good. Everything was well written out. Only complaint was there was a half page for part of the pattern and it is a real nuisance to display while knitting.

Hope you are now zipping along with your scarf.