Monday, October 23, 2006

And Again with the Tears

I occasionally convince myself that I am not in fact a big crybaby. Then I go see my ankle doctor. (He really is a nice man. It is unfortunate that he insists on stomping on my hopes and feelings.) I am fully convinced he knows me too well at this point. I went for a check-up today and while he did see "some improvement" - nearly 9 weeks post surgery - it isn't healed. Furthermore, I still can't walk on it. At all. He said, "Kristy, I have to tell you this but first I am going to give you a Kleenex because this is going to make you cry." That's when he told me that I am probably looking at 8 more weeks on crutches, no weight bearing. None.

Honestly, though, I think I was well within my rights to get a little weepy. Again.

Feeling the Love

Katy and Lori came back from vacation yesterday. They spend last week in Mendocino, on a vacation that I had originally planned to enjoy with them. They brought home surprises for me. What you ask? Yarn, of course!

This would be thrilling and a cause for major joy regardless of the circumstances, however, to truly appreciate this, please stop and consider with me for a moment. Yes, Lori, though not a knitter, is the president of my local Knitting Boosters. Katy, on the other hand, is not a knitter nor is she a knitting booster. Katy is not crafty. Katy, we joke (only half jokingly), failed cutting and pasting. She is one of the least crafty people ever. I am awed that she even went into a knitting store. And she bought me yarn. And a sock knitting book. Ahhh. What a good sister.
For those who crave such details: the red on the left and the pink on the right are Cascade Fixation while the two in the middle are Austermann Step in the #10 and #12 colorways. They also brought me a pattern to use the Fixation to make socks that don't require doing a heel. I'll let ya'll know how that goes. I haven't talked much about it here but socks are my next knitting conquest. Probably in January.

Knitterly Secret

Remember my project I mentioned on Friday? I ordered some yarn for it. Ya'll need to check out this yarn store. Angelika's Yarn Store. She rocks. She carries every single shade of Cascade 220. She also carries a really great selection of needles and books, etc. She ships stuff out promptly and is just as nice as can be. Plus, the shipping charges are reasonable and fair. And if (when!) you order the wrong color and you call her and tell her, she just laughs sweetly and says, "Send it back to me and put a note in the package telling me which color you want instead." So nice. And so not hateful that I was foolish in my shopping. I mean, theoretically.

Technical Difficulties

I have pictures of that yarn and of the finished red Sophie bag but blogger is being bitchy and I can't seem to upload the pictures. Ya'll will have to check back later.

One for the Road

Have ya'll seen this Snickers commercial? Click on the 15 second song. I don't know why this makes me laugh every time it comes on. See? I told ya'll I'm not well.


Kniterella said...

I'm starving here and you sent me to a candy commercial? Just kidding! Only a few days left. Your goodies are wonderful!

jen said...

Oh Kristy - I'm sorry about the doctor's news. You are fully deserved of a (small) crying jag. Not too long because you did get GOREGEOUS yarn to cheer you up! So nice to get presents. I'm curious about socks that don't require a heel. Thanks for the tip for Angelika :) One can ALWAYS use another online knitting store to check out! Thanks for the candy commercial. Going to go have my nice healthy salad for lunch now.... sigh.

RC said...

Oh Girlfriend! Me weeps for you too! 8 more weeks? Ouch.

Just keep knitting, knitting, knitting.........

LMK when you are ready to do socks, I can talk you through!
Pretty yarn!

Stefaneener said...

Oh, poor you. Even new yarn can't keep you from crying at bad news. Love the prepared doctor!

Dr. B. said...

Oh, Kristy. That news about your ankle is just awful. I'm so sorry. It seems like you're finding lots of ways to get through it, though. You obviously have the patience of a saint (or at least the creativity to keep yourself occupied). That much is clear.

AND - who wouldn't cry in that situation? Only a cold-hearted, self-hating monster. That's who.

Charity said...

I'm sorry you felt so disappointed at your doctor's, but I'm glad he was prepared and understanding of your feelings. Just think, by Christmas, you'll be up and around! You'll be running all over the place! (If you wanted, you could run all the way up here!) :0)

Close your eyes, stroke the new yarn, drink a cup of tea, and just let yourself go....

Dorothy said...

I'm so sorry the doctor's visit didn't go the way you had hoped. I would have been a puddle on the floor. He would have had to call the Kleenex factory for me since one wouldn't have been enough. He sounds like a sweet doctor though.

I hope your pretty yarn helps you ward off the worst of the boredom.

Stephanie said...

Okay, what do we need to do to get you better? Do you need a meatloaf?