Friday, October 20, 2006

End of the Week Wrap-up

Knitting News

There is very little in the way of knitting to discuss.

KN, Item #1: The red Sophie bag is progressing. It is going somewhat more slowly than the first, of course. Ya'll know me so this isn't news.

KN, Item #2: I started my Grandmother Purl square. Actually, I got about 3/4 through my Grandmother Purl square. Then I decided I didn't like it so I ripped it out. I started it over and I'm about 8 rows in on the new one. We'll see if I like this one any better.

KN, Item #3: I have another little something I am knitting on. If it works out to be worth talking about, I'll tell you about it then.

In Non-Knitting News...

It has been a funny week. Actually a funny couple of weeks. With a nod to Dr. B, some of these fall under her favorite category and mine: overheard.

NKN Item #1: Last night I went to pick up dinner for my flu-infested husband. (Apparently mashed potatoes from KFC are the balm that soothes a tempermental tummy.) The guy who took the order? His name was "Math-you".

Sidenote: And before you ask what I was doing at KFC by myself: I can drive left-footed. It isn't easy and it isn't pretty but it will do in a pinch.

Item #2: In the doctor's office waiting room, about to have x-rays, I saw an elderly couple in a heated conversation. (I think they thought they were whispering.) I only caught the tale end of it but this is what I heard:

Him: You can't tell him that. He will think I don't satisfy you.
Her: (in a kindly voice) You don't, dear.

Item #3: Again at the doctor's office waiting room, this time with my husband, I saw a little boy playing with a littler girl. He took her blocks and she started to cry. He said, "Stop crying. You act just like mom." A now-sheepish Mom made him return the stolen blocks.

Item #4: In my job as a secretary, I take lots of calls from telemarketers. Yesterday I finally had the great pleasure of speaking to a realistic one. After telling him that my boss was in a meeting, I said, "Can I take a message and have him return your call?" He said, "No thanks. We both know that he doesn't really want to talk to me anyway so let's not waste the paper."


Stefaneener said...

I want to talk to that telemarketer. We could have a long, real conversation. Sigh.

Now I'm curious about the little somethin' somethin. I'll wait politely.

Charity said...

Oh, the things that happen in life. :0)

Did you mention KN #3 just to torment us? Come on, give!

Dorothy said...

I look forward to knit item number two. Non-knit item numbers two and three cracked me up! Number four is the first realist I have ever heard of in the phone spam that seems to be escalating. Can anyone really afford to give $269.00 or $130.00 to a charity? Seriously!

A quick question. My newest square (the late '70's thing in today's post) is one full inch too wide. Damn gauge bit me in the arse again. I can't bear to rip the chenille again. Have you gotten any squares that are too narrow? If not, I'll figure out how to carefully sew the sides a little to narrow it that way.

NeedleTart said...

I am a substitute teacher and have to call the roll from a written list in each class. So far this week, I have seen Azia (pronounced Asia), Tiphani (Tiffany) and Sean (a girl, but at least pronounced as usual). There were a lot more, but those are the ones that stand out (maybe I should be taking notes)!

RC said...

The telemarketer call cracks me up! He actaully sounds like a real person.

Its good to see all the squares coming in! That is going to be one big hokin' sewing up party!

jen said...

That's hilarious! All of it. I love it when telemarketers are realstic. ALMOST makes you want talk to them :) I must get started on some squares for you...sounds like you've got quite the collection :)

brandilion said...

sounds like you have had a very entertaining week in the very least!

Dr. B. said...

Yes, yes!! You are right. I do love the overheards. It seems they're harder to come by when you're looking for them, but then, when you least expect it, GOLD! Thanks for this!

FFC said...

Telemarketers! I love them. I actually get excited now when I see one pop up on my caller ID. It's fun to talk to them and try to get them off their "game."

You were at my house the time I got the best one. It was that girl telemarketer that wanted to talk to my hubby. Remember? I asked her if she couldn't just talk to me and she said "no, I just need to talk to the "man of the house." I told her that sounded like sexual harassment and she agreed! Remember that one? Okay, yeah, I am crazy!!

FFC said...

Oh, it's me again. About that KFC didn't get "Eduardo" this time? THE FRIGGIN IDIOT THAT MADE ME SPILL MY PEPSI IN MY LAP?? Seriously, I just wanted some chocolate chip cookies and your apple pie. I can't help it that he made me be rude by not having chocolate chip cookies and your apple pie. Yes, yes, I am still pissed about that (stop laughing Krist-I). I told Kat-I about stupid Eduardo and she thought it was funny too. However, I am still holding my grudge and I am plotting revenge....evil evil revenge. Sttoooppppiiiiddd Eduardo!


Laura said...

OMG I'm so far behind but "You don't, dear" just about made me spew my coffee!! hehe Too funny.

I'm sorry I was a square knitting failure and didn't get one made for your project. It sounds like you have received a goodly number of squares though. :)