Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Introducing the Kniterella

Hurray!! The ISE3 scarf has at last been delivered to its new home. I'd like to introduce ya'll to my wonderful, fabulous pal: Kim of The Kniterella View. If you would like to see her package, you can look here. She is a sweetheart and a dear friend already - though until Monday she didn't even know who I was! Thank you, Kim! Sincerely, it has been a pleasure to knit for you and I so look forward to continuing to get to know you. (In case ya'll are wondering, Kim is just a few weeks out from jaw surgery. She assures me that she is smiling in this photograph!)


Isn't this a beautiful sunset?
And this one?
I took these pictures one evening in early September while visiting my parents' house. I emailed them to Kim and so I couldn't post them here - because I was worried that she might stumble across my blog and see the pictures and know who I was.

So there you go. Belatedly beautiful scenery.

Off on a Tangent

Ya'll know what they say about the best laid plans...well, that's where I am today. No, I still haven't started the sheep or the Grandmother Purl square. Instead?I am knitting another Sophie bag. I had a single skein of Cascade 220 in my stash and it has met its destiny. I took the finished purple and green Sophie to the office on Monday to show Lori. One of the ladies we work with, who knit a square for Grandmother Purl, admired it so I decided that she needs one of her own. She is a dear and kind woman and I wanted to do something nice for her. Her husband is currently serving in Iraq and she is here, working with us and tending to their 3 children and keeping the home fires burning. If anyone is a worthwhile diversion from my knitting plans, it is her. Plus, wasn't I just saying what a quick knit this is??


Nora said...

You seem to always be knitting for someone else - there should be more kind hearted people like you. Your knits are truly special. x

PS: Beautiful scenic photography.

jen said...

Beautiful belated sunset pictures and definitely a worthy cause for diversive knitting :) I'm sure Lori will love her Sophie bag (and it IS a really quick knit!)Kim looks lovely in her scarf and if you look reeeeeeeaaaalllly closely you can sorta tell she's smiling. Hope her surgery goes well.

NeedleTart said...

Isn't it fun to see a want the other person didn't even know they had and fill it? I am knitting Socks for Soldiers (in size huge). Here's hoping her husband gets a pair.

Stefaneener said...

It's okay to be distracted this way! It's going to be a treat for her.

That scarf looks nice in its natural environment!

RC said...

LOVE the Sophie bags! Quick knit and very satisfying, especially since they are going to someone special!
Kniterella looks good in her scarf! Yippie!

Charity said...

Ha ha ha! You and your Sophie bags make me giggle. :0)

Dr. B. said...

Awwww! You know life is good when you can do something fun and make someone else's day while you're at it. You continue to rock in every way.

Dorothy said...

I love how your scarf turned out. The package you sent looks great.

Very pretty pictures and what a great colour for your Sophie Bag.

Kniterella said...

I AM smiling in the picture - really, we need to get a better one once the ordeal is over - 2 more weeks until solid food! I love my scarf and we're supposed to get more snow next week...I will be the envy!

keri said...

What a great scarf, I love the pattern and color! Where did you get the stitch pattern/pattern from?? I would love to make one for myself! =)