Sunday, October 01, 2006

Minimal Progress is Progress Nonetheless

Thanks for your comments and input on the wool for the little sheep. I think I've solved my dilemma with the help of the RabidCrafter. Hurray! A couple of people have asked what I have planned for these little guys. Well, my oldest sister, Carrie, collects these dolls. They are very fancy dolls, that look disturbingly like real babies. Carrie loves them and we mock her for it. It is good natured mocking, of course, so I am going to knit sheep for Carrie for Christmas, for her babies. I'll let ya'll know when I get around to starting on them. (Sometime after the completion of the scarf.)

Speaking of the scarf, I have been doing some work on the second side. See:

Yes, yes. I know. It isn't much progress...but it IS progress.

In Other News

It has been a nice weekend, kind of busy. Friday night I went to watch my niece, Tegan, cheer at her homecoming game. (No, I didn't take my knitting.) My twin sister, Katy, and I are apparently not very adept with my camera. We were able to take some relatively clear pictures of her back
though we had little to no success with a frontal cheerleading shot.
She's such a cutie. Really, she is...despite the lack of photographic evidence. Oh well. I guess it is the thought that counts, right? She is such a sweetheart and really loves cheering. I love this girl - as my willingness to attend a high school football game on crutches attests.

Have ya'll ever watched Dallas Cowboys Cheerleading: Making the Team? Not the world's most intellectually stimulating tv viewing but it is good knitting tv. Good to watch while making more progress on the scarf.


Charity said...

Hey,now, any progress is progress! Good for you, I'm glad you didn't let it get you down :0)

Dr. B. said...

Good knitting TV and exciting competition shows can be hard to come by. This Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader show looks like it may well be both! Thanks to you, TiVo's grabbing tomorrow's episode. Thanks!

Also, I'm glad to hear the story of my Sidekick-fellow warmed your heart. It warms mine, too, frankly. :)

RC said...

The scarf looks nice and squooshy! Just keep knitting!
Did you get the pic of the wool? Whatdoyouthink?

Deborah said...

Love the cables on that scarf!