Thursday, September 28, 2006

Listmaker, Listmaker, Make Me a List

Remember last weekend, when I ordered this pattern? Well, I ordered a couple of skeins of yarn to make them out of, too. (Of course.) I decided to go with the Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride worsted because:
1) Fiber Trends recommends it for this pattern and
2) I have used it before for felting projects with much success.

I ordered one skein each of:
1) Onyx
2) Grey Heather (which is quite a bit darker in person) and
3) Oatmeal"

Now. In this picture, at least on my monitor, the Oatmeal looks sort of like a dirty cream/mottled off white. I thought this would work fine because:
1) Web's didn't have any of the White Frost and
2) I have used the Creme before and IMHO it is too yellow for a sheep.
3) Real sheep aren't always super duper white anyway.
4) I have heard that the "bleached" white wools don't felt and I was trying to stay clear of that.

Unfortunately, the Oatmeal is pretty brown. More brown and, well, overcooked oatmeal colored than I had expected/hoped. So I am unhappy with this choice. I do not want any sheep this color. So I am seeking your assistance/input.
1) Does anyone have any Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride in White Frost that they would be willing to sell/trade?
2) Any possiblity that I could bleach out the Oatmeal to make it work? (If I were to bleach it, would it still felt?)
3) Any recommendations of a different yarn that would knit to about the same size/gauge as the BSLPW and would be whiter than this Oatmeal and look sheepish?
4) Does anyone have an alternative yarn that would be "just perfect" for this that they would like to sell or trade? I am really really open to suggestions here.

Edited to add: Yes, the pattern for these sheep recommends the Baabajoes Wool for the project for the whites/lights. I haven't had any luck finding this yarn. Except in one a kit...and that is not what I want. I need another option.

I am counting on the collective expertise of the online knitting community to help me out with this. I am devoting a lot of my spare minutes to the Grandmother Purl Blanket Project, which is ticking along right nicely, but leaves very little time to go looking for these answers. Any help ya'll can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Oh yeah. Did I mention? I joined a scarf exchange a while back and I really should be knitting away on that. Since the great deconstruction, I have only knit one repeat of the pattern. I think I will take it with me to the HS football game Friday night when I go to watch my niece cheer. Yes, that should be sufficiently embarrassing for her.


Dorothy said...

I wish I could help you out with your yarn problems. Although I will say that bleach breaks down natural fibres and if you try that, it probably won't felt.

I'll look around later on today and see what I can find.

Anonymous said...

Baabajoe's Woolpak yarn is supposed to felt in all colors. My copy of that pattern says to use Baabajoe's Woolpak in order to produce sheep that are the lighter color . If you aren't familiar with this yarn, it is sometimes called 8-ply, 10-ply and 14-ply wool. The off-white shade of Cascade 220 also felts. ~ Sharon

Kristy said...

Sharon: I saw this note on the pattern about Baabajoe's but I can't seem to find the yarn...

Charity said...

How frustrating! No great wisdom or trades to offer, but lots of commiseration. :0)

Anonymous said...

Babajoes Wool is now called Woolpak or New Zealand Woolpak and comes in 8-ply, 10-ply and 14-ply. You can find it at carodan farm. The link to the 14-ply (bulky) is

RC said...

any success yet?
I have oatmeal too, but don 't think its too brown. mey-bee a different dye lot?
OH and I have some wool yarn TOTALLY undyed, so its really a sheep color (I can't remember the sheeps name right now)
I'll take a pic tomorrow in the daylight (brown sheep and Star Gazing Farm wool) together and you can compair. If they work for you I'll send them out chop-chop!

Dorothy said...

I know you don't have a lot of time right now, but I have never worked with Lamb's Pride so I don't know how it handles. I found this link on an article on yarn substitutions in a issue though.

Dr. B. said...

Ugh. Sorry I don't have any good tips or connections for the yarn troubles. That's SO frustrating.

Those little guys are gonna be really adorable once you make them, though. Will they be a gift or to keep? V cute!

Laura said...

GAH! I hate getting behind on my blog reading!!

1. If you haven't already created a wool disaster - please do NOT bleach your wool. It will dissolve the wool. Bleach will completely ruin your wool. Eh hem. Ask me how I know. :)

2. My LYS carries Lamb's Pride - I can check to see if they have the color you need and mail it to you if you still need it!

3. I've been so crazy with our custody stuff I haven't made the blanket square yet - please tell me I'm not too late! :)

Susan said...

I don't have any ideas on the substitution yarn, but I'm excited to see how these knit up. I've looked at the pattern a bazillion times at least.

Thanks for stopping by my home on the web..I'm glad those squares finally made it. I'm even gladd-er that I finally got gauge LOL