Saturday, October 07, 2006

Title? Who Needs a Title?

Yesterday my friend told me she was going to run by Barnes & Noble on the way home from work so I asked her to pick up something for me. A book I've been wanting to buy. And here it is:

I hadn't ever looked at it before I bought it but I've heard such wonderful things about this book that I knew I had to have it. It is a beautiful book and funny and the patterns are amazing. I've already decided which pattern I'm going to make first. Of course, who knows when that will be, as there are so many other things in the queue but I am still excited to have a new book.

So when you don't have much to blog about on a Saturday morning, what do you do? You take a picture of the dog, of course.
Sally, apparently curious about why I am on the computer and not busy knitting on my scarf, decided to pop in for a quick visit. I think she is loving the heat from the laptop and contemplating a leap over to the bed so she can get under the covers. (She is still on restriction from the jumping so after I took this picture, I picked her up and put her on the bed.) Me, am ridiculously glad that fall seems to actually be here.


Stefaneener said...

That's a book I'd like to read. Heard that the shaping sections are worth the price. Nice doggy!

RC said...

We had temsp in the 40's the other night! Yeah! Great snuggle down and knit weather! I feel like "finally its here" too!