Thursday, November 09, 2006

No Good List Goes Unedited

The knitting list is going to require some modifications. Of course.

I accidentally let my sister Carrie see a picture of Fiber Trends’ alpacas.
She loves them. She particularly likes that dark brown fellow there at the front left. She doesn’t know I was planning to knit her the lambs. So, since the gray lamb is now finished except for the face, the seaming and making the ears and tail, she will be getting a gray lamb and I’ll have to order the alpaca pattern. I just need to figure out which yarn combination will work best for those. She likes their furriness. Any suggestions?

Also, yesterday I got the pattern for the hedgehogs that I fell in love with when I was visiting Colleen’s and I am going to need to make two of these before Christmas. (Since I am making lambs for my nieces, I think the hedgehogs will be perfect for their brothers.)

That’s the trouble with making a list: once I see it all written down, it just makes me think of forty-leven other things that should be on there. Ahh well. That is better than realizing after the fact that I neglected something.

Saturday is the sew-up get together for the Grandmother Purl project. I am looking forward to meeting Marissa. I am eager to see the squares come together. I am also wondering how in the world I am going to be ready to go to San Rafael by 8:30 on Saturday morning with all the loose ends wrapped up - literally and figuratively. Maybe this wasn't the best Friday night to plan an outing with my sisters and my mother. . . umm, hindsight and all that.


Kniterella said...

Hey, Kristy - those Alpaca's are adorable. I hadn't seen them until your post and it has me thinking. AND you're adding hedgehogs to your Christmas planning list? You go! I'm laboring over my 2nd crochet square for this week.

jen said...

Have fun sewing up your squares! It is SUCH a great cause. Can't wait to see the finished blankets :)
The Alpaca's and Hedgehogs are adorable. Be careful with those Christmas planning lists - they have a trick of getting longer....and longer....and longer....

Laura said...

oh my. those alpacas are sooo cute. it's seeing pictures like that that makes me want to knit toys all the time! :)

Tami said...

Those alpacas are ultra-adorable - I just wish they would make more comparable crochet patterns for us knitting challenged people (namely, me!).

It was great meeting you and Lori today! We may have to do it again. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, those are wonderful! I might just have to do one myself!