Sunday, November 19, 2006

Self Portrait Sunday #3

Gosh what a long week it has been. Thank you all so much for your kind words and for all of your prayers. The memorial service was yesterday and we left Oregon late this morning. I was awfully glad to get back to my own house. Now for three days of work and then we will make the trip back on Wednesday evening for Thanksgiving weekend. (I am tired just thinking about it!)

Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Feature

Self-Portrait Sunday

1. My oldest sister is 10 ½ years older.
2. My natural hair color is plain old brown. I’ve had highlights and I’ve dyed it but really, I just prefer it plain old brown.
3. I’m only 29 but I have grey hairs that seem to be cropping up with increased frequency. I don’t mind.
4. While volunteering at the homeless shelter, I got head lice when I was 18. I had never had head lice before or since. I have A LOT of hair. It was horrible.
5. I forgive but seldom forget. I am not necessarily proud of this.
6. I got married November 20, 2004.
7. My husband and I dated for 8 years before we got married.
8. I am unsure whether or not I ever want to have children.
9. I think a really good pedicure is one of the top 5 best things in the whole world.
10. I played the French horn all through high school and loved it but was never very good at it.
11. I am almost always a little surprised when I find out how other people see me. Sometimes good surprised, sometimes bad surprised.

Here's a picture I took on the way home today of Mt. Shasta in Northern California.


FFC said...

I am sooooo very glad you are back (hugs). That picture is awesome!

Charity said...

SO glad to hear you made it home safe and sound! Try to rest up during the next few days. :0)

Stefaneener said...

Well, I guess it's rest and return for you. Glad you're back safely; I know that route! Enjoy your holiday as much as you can.

Dorothy said...

Love the picture. Beautiful.

I wasn't sure I wanted children either, but then I got pregnant at 29 and gave birth nearly a month after my 30th birthday. Everything changed and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I am often surprised by how others see me too.

NeedleTart said...

Welcome back! I played French Horn, too. My band director saw me playing the piano one day (I had been in the drum section) and said I had two choices, French Horn or Tenor Sax. I had played the clarinet and hated (!) the reeds so French Horn it was.

Kniterella said...

How wonderful to hear from you! My thoughts and prayers were travelling along side. I often don't care much how others see me (and this is something I'm not necessarily proud of either). Hopefully, you can 'feel' the hugs I am sending your way.

jen said...

What a stunning photgraph. Glad you're home safe and hope you'll get to have a rest before things get too hectic again.
I'm with you on the pedicure point - it's right up there with a perfect cup of coffee and finding a new yarn store :)
Happy Thanksgiving. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Sounds like you felt the all the over-the-web support we were sending while you were away.

BTW, that is an *incredible* photograph!