Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thankful Yours

Well, it is almost time to get back on the road again. In all of the hustle and bustle to get home, work, and go back to Oregon, I haven’t really had much knitting time. I did make some knitting-related Christmas ornaments for my family. (I traditionally give everyone in my family Christmas ornaments on Thanksgiving and I was afraid I wasn’t going to get them done this year.) These are miniature versions of these from last year.
I had just started one of the alpacas before my father-in-law passed away. Last week did not lend itself to any knitting so I have only completed about 6 rows on that project. That is the only knitting news to speak of. I am fervently hoping that Friday will be a day to just relax and maybe work on the alpaca. And maybe just to rest. Surely I can get a few moments of rest.

Though the last couple of weeks have been sad and overwhelming and tiring, I have so much to be thankful for. Yesterday, we found out that one of the tires on my car was in really bad shape and had no business being on the road. I am thankful that we made it home safe and that we were able to get the problem remedied before we have to go again tonight.

I am thankful for my husband. (Here he is last week in Oregon with his dad's dogs, Duke and Zipper.)

I am thankful for my family – all of them. My parents who are good and kind and wonderful people who are not only always there for their children and supportive of all of us, but always reaching out to those who need anything – big or small. They are two of the most generous, kind-hearted people I know. My sister, Cindi is making from-scratch yeast rolls (her specialty) so I can take them with me for Thanksgiving. My brother Chad did us all a favor by marrying Lori, who is supportive and encouraging and just a generally nice person and makes me laugh all the time. (She was being silly and I got a picture! haha) That’s just to name a few….And beyond all that, I simply enjoy spending time with my family. I genuinely like them and enjoy their company. A novel concept, I know.

I am thankful for my husband’s aunts (his mother’s sisters) who are two of the kindest people I know. I believe with absolute certainty that my husband would not be the man he is today without the influence they have had in his life. I am also exceptionally thankful that they were able to be with us all last week. (This is their boxer, Zim. He is such a cutie.)I am thankful for a job I love and to be able to work for a company that treats employees with decency and respect.

I am thankful that I have this little home on the internet and even more thankful for all of my strangers-who-are-friends in the online knitting (and beyond) community.

I am thankful that our darling Sally girl is doing well and, as far as we can tell, has made nearly a complete recovery from her earlier back injury. She is going with us this weekend. Luckily, she is a good traveler.

There are at least 7000 other things I have to be thankful for but I don’t have time to list them all here. Thank you all again for your prayers and your kindness. I promise we will return our regularly scheduled knit blogging next week.

Ya’ll have a wonderful weekend and a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

p.s. I am thankful that people will overlook any typos herein, as I haven't spell checked or proofread this post. My husband just called and said it is snowing on our route to his mother's so we are going to hit the road.


FFC said...

I can't believe you posted that picture! I should have deleted it when I had the chance!

Kniterella said...

Travel safely for I am thankful for YOU!

Charity said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I know it's a rough, sad time, but I'm glad to see you so thankful in the midst of it. Safe journey.

Dorothy said...

We are thankful for you. Your kindness to others and ability to accept help with grace and ungrudging gratitude is an inspiration to those of us who will kill ourselves with pride.

Anonymous said...

The ornaments turned out really cute! Hope you all had a blessed & restful holiday, after all the sadness lately.

FFC said...

Okay, so I know you have been busy taking care of me these past few days but could we have an updated post? I miss your blogging.