Thursday, November 02, 2006


Thank you all so very much for your kind remarks about the lamb. I am pretty pleased with the results. I intend to make it to Beverly's or Michael's this weekend to pick up some filling (I'm thinking Poly-Pellets for the feet and Poly-Fil for the bodies.) Hopefully I will have some finished pictures to show next week. We'll see. I've become a bit of a hermit in recent months and now with the time change and the fall weather, I seem to really be embracing my inner recluse so I will have to make myself go to the craft store. As much as I would like to, I highly doubt that I will be able to convince my husband to go to the craft store for me. (In his defense, he has had to go to the store in the past several months for things much less appealing for the male shopper than Poly-fil so I can let him off the hook on this one.)

You Call That Progress?

I had grand plans to make "serious progress" on the grey lamb yesterday evening but it didn't happen. After working late, I went over to my parents' for a little while and by the time I got home, it was after 8:30 and I guess I was feeling distracted because I kept losing my place in the pattern. After ripping out for the third time, I set the yarn aside, retrieved a bottle of wine, the corkscrew and a wine glass and set out to soothe my addled nerves. In my current crutch-bound state, it took 2 trips from the kitchen and a carefully aimed toss of the corkscrew in order to get my wine and related paraphernalia to the knitting area. Liquid fortification procured, I cast on again.

And was able to accomplish this much of the lamb's hind end before I had to go to bed. (that red waste yarn is the marker for the tail, which will be added later.) I continue to be amazed at the construction of these little sheep. At the point this picture was taken, I was only on row 11 and yet, with all the W&T action going on, things seem to progress a bit faster.


While knitting last night, I realized for the first time that I apparently manage my tension with my pinky finger. What prompted me to realize this?

Why, a wounded pinky finger, of course. That is my damaged (and yes, chubby) hand and pinky finger. Who knew that middle section of my baby finger got so involved in my knitting?

This stuff is thrilling isn't? Riveting read, I'm sure.


Kniterella said...

If you wound your pinky finger like this while knitting at work, do you qualify for workman's comp?

As for your sheep butt - I think the red marker adds pizaaz. I can't wait to see the finished fella

Anonymous said...

You are doing some serious knitting to cut yourself up like that!
I can identify w/distracted knitting- I'm working on a pair of clogs that I frogged the same row 6 times before giving it up for the evening- I think wine would have helped ;P
BTW- I'm on my 2nd pair of Fixation socks & I'm really loving it- I've got a great pattern done on 2 circular needles- I believe the pic is posted on my blog. Do not fear the heel- I've only been knitting 2 yrs & have done 6 or 7 pairs (what can I say- they are addictive & portable)

Kristy said...
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Kristy said...

I guess that was a little misleading...I didn't injure myself knitting. I cut my hand on something sharp on the underside of my desk. No, I don't know how I manage this stuff. I am accident prone. These things happen

Stefaneener said...

I thought maybe you'd been knitting with something really harsh, like twine. I'm always amazed at what my cut/smashed/sore fingers actually do -- like "Huh. Didn't know I used that finger at all. Guess I'm glad I have it!" moments.

Best wishes for speedy sheep.

Dr. B. said...

Thanks for the clarification. I, like Stephaneener, thought you were knitting with some kind of fiberglass-infused fiber. All the same, ouch! (Haven't you had enough ouches already?) You be careful over there.

Dorothy said...

I saw your finger and thought "Holy crap! How tight is your tension?!"

I like the red tail on your sheep bum.

RC said...

Ouch! how about some boo-boo gel (neosporin) and a band-aid.
top it all off with some cotton gloves and you ar back in business!

the sheep butt looks cute!

Charity said...

Ouch - here's hoping for a speedy recovery! :0) Give yourself a break, eh?

jen said...

Ouch - I discovered a similar problem with my middle finger this week. I know I hold my knitting funny - but now I have the scars to prove it :) Love the sheep butt - and your sheep in general. So cute. The red "tail" adds a certian flair. Hope your finger feels better soon!