Monday, January 01, 2007

First Things First

I am working on the smallest of my mother's hedgehogs - this one from black and white Blue Sky Alpaca and Whisper for the novelty yarn. I'm sure he will be at least as cute as the others and quite a bit smaller.

As I've seen many others say recently, I am not generally a maker of New Year's resolutions, but for what ever reason, I am inclined to make a (very short) list this year. Nothing terribly exciting but here they are, nonetheless.

1. Exercise more and lose weight. (Aren't these New Year's resolution staples?)
2. Finish more projections than I start. (This actually IS possible, considering how many unfinished projects I already have sitting around.)
3. Be a better housekeeper. (My husband will be happy if I manage to keep this resolution and nothing else.)
4. Work more efficiently - both at work and at home.
5. Manage our household budget better.

Very run-of-the-mill goals, I know but that's ok. I've never been a very exciting girl and there's no reason to start now. (It didn't make the list.)

I have long been a lover of quotes so I think I'll start including a quote in my posts. And considering how often I seem to discuss my kniting good intentions, I decided this would be a good one to start with:

"I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions."
--Augusten Burroughs, Magical Thinking


Kniterella said...

Don't forget to include a line item for 'YARN' in your budget!

RC said...

Excellent quote! (I may have to steal it)
Good resolutions. I think the point is to keep youself on track, and keep it resonable. Otherwise, you set yourself up for dissappointment. And I'm with you on the exercise more and lose weight! We should start a knitty suport group, fitter knitters! LOL

Dorothy said...

I think the ones that don't require loads of excitment are the ones that are easiest to keep.

Having a cleaner more organized space makes for a happier more relaxed household. At least that is what I have noticed over the last couple of days.

I wish you well on all of your goals and I hope you have a fabulous year in 2007.