Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I haven't knit anything today. I have the little black and white alpaca hedgehog on the needles but they are not the best needles for the project so I am waiting until tomorrow when I will have the right needles.

My friend Kim tells me that she has knit a scarf for me and that it is in the mail somewhere between here and Michigan. I am so eagerly anticipating receiving. Of all the times to have the post office closed for three days in a row!! Luckily, I relish the anticipation. I can't wait to see it and touch it and have it in my hot little hands. AND I can't wait to show ya'll the pictures. Hurray!

This weekend we took down the Christmas tree and ferretted away all the decorations and today we were back to work, full-steam ahead. Here we are - back to the ho-hum, ins and outs, ups and downs of the every day. Am I the only one that feels a little deflated after the holidays?

Today's Quote:
"Southerners will forgive anybody anything if they have good manners. Once a particularly charming Congressman who had been a guest at a church dinner my mother had attended was caught sometime later rather, well, flagrantly, as the French would say, in a motel room wearing a dog collar and his wife's lace bra and panties. Mother's response when asked if she would vote for him again? 'Why, of course. After all, everybody's got their little quirks. Besides, he has lovely table manners.' " -Fannie Flagg (as quoted in Seale Ballenger's book, Hell's Belles)


Kniterella said...

My fingers are crossed for the mail delivery today...speaking of fingers (and relevance to your 'Todays Quote') - I attended a work dinner meeting last night. Not one, but TWO individuals were licking their fingers - ewwwwww!

Charity said...

Don't you love the anticipation of knowing something is in the mail? Hope it arrives soon! :0)