Wednesday, January 03, 2007

If A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words...

...then this post is worth 11,000 words - not to mention the actual words in this post! What a lucky post.

The anticipation is over - my scarf from Kim arrived today. Hurray!! It is beautiful. And if Kim had any concern as to whether or not I would like the color, she can rest easy knowing that the scarf is an almost identical match to the sweater I had on today when I received the scarf! (It was such a close match that I had to take off the sweater and photograph the scarf with my tank top so you could see it.) (We will refrain from any discussion of my fat arms or goofy expression. In my experience, self-portraits are seldom flattering.)

It is lovely - Rowan Felted Tweed in a perfectly wonderful green and cream with blue flecks. From what she tells me, she found the pattern when Dave did it for the ISE3 and then she bought it here. I really love it. This scarf does not have a right side and a wrong side but (I've decided) a right side and a reverse side. Cables up both sides. Simply fabulous.

See? Here is the front and the back side by side
Here we have, just for the fun of it, Lori modeling my scarf. She is such a cutie. Here's a close-up of the scarf in action.Also in the package with my scarf was this nifty little bundle. It is the Keychain Sock Blocker Sock. So cute. Kim and I have talked frequently about my (not so) secret desires to start knitting socks and my equally (not so) secret hesitation to take the plunge. She is a sneaky little knitter and apparently thought this unassuming, sweet, innocent-looking tiny sock would convince me to purchase a set of Size 0 dpns.
She was right. These came home with me today after a quick stop I accidentally made at the Hobby Shop on my way home from work. Knitting this little sock will be my incentive to finish the first of my mother's hedgehogs. (I've promised myself I wouldn't knit on anything else until I finished the hedgehogs.)

I would like to also mention that I went in to the Hobby Shop, I picked up these needles, a 16" Size 8 circular needle, paid for the needles and promptly walked out of the store. I didn't buy even one little inch of yarn. I did not even cast my eyes longingly in the direction of the yarn. (I'll tell you in a minute why this is not as virtuous as it might at first appear.)

Ya'll, the Kniterella is a sock pusher. Also, she takes much better arty pictures than I do. Go take a look.

Belated Acknowledgement

Last night, I was looking around this little blog of mine and discovered something horrible that needs to be rectified. Back in early November, before my father-in-law died and things here sort of feel apart, Kim send me a beautiful package of fiber-y, knitterly goodness and I never thanked her here (I did send her an email!) or posted pictures to share with ya'll. Kim, I beg your forgiveness and thank you all over again for these exquisite goodies.

These fabulous stich markers, which are so pretty and delicate but did not photograph well.
Two skeins of Wildfoote from Brown Sheep Company in the Geranium colorway.And who couldn't just gush and swoon and fawn over this soft, luscious muted beauty of a skein of yarn...Schaefer Yarns Anne.Then there was this skein of Soxie from Great Adirondack in the Bahama Mama colorway that just made me smile for the rest of the day...and all over again when I was photographing it tonight! (Didn't I tell you that she is a sock pusher!?)

One last thing before I call it a night

I've joined Kim and some others in the Briar Rose Knitalong.

"Come join us for a knit-along showcasing one (or two, or three...) yarns from Briar Rose Fibers. Order enough yarn for your project or find a pattern for the Briar Rose in your stash and get ready to cast-on. Chris, whose imagination is behind all of the hand painted heaven, has graciously offered a yarn "give away" from time-to-time. "

Chris does amazing work at Briar Rose. The yarns are beautiful and the colors stunning. I am really looking forward to getting started. I plan to knit something for myself.

Here is the button, if you are interested.

I ordered my yarn today. (See? I'm not so innocent after all.) I chose Abundance in a just-for-me colorway of reds and reds and more reds. I will show it to you just as soon as I receive it, which, according to Chris should be some time next week.

Today's Quote:

"I wanted to be the first woman to burn her bra, but it would've taken the fire department four days to put it out." -Dolly Parton


Dorothy said...

Dolly Parton cracks me up every time.

Sounds like you are going to be busy for the next little while. Have fun with the sock knitting.

The scarf Kim sent you is beautiful. That was so sweet of her. Your picture looks fine to me.

Erin said...

Those yarns look yummy... there goes my New Years resolution!

And you look beautiful! Here is a trick I use for self-portraits though--I try to hold the camera above me and to the side so I'm looking up at it. It is often a flattering angle for those of us with more lucious figures and I find my arm does not end up in the picture most of the time. Sort of draw a 75 to 90 degree line up from your eyebrow and hold the camera there. I find that angle also makes me look a little sassier :)

Charity said...

Watch out for that sock knitting, it can be addictive! :0)

That Briar Rose KAL sounds fun... I may just have to check it out! :0)

Kniterella said...

Awe shucks - you made me blush.

YOU make that scarf shine!

Chris said...

Kristy! you are beautiful and the scarf looks wonderful on you! That liitle sock blocker thingy must be making it's rounds - I got one too...I didn't even know that they existed until I was gifted one........thanks for the Briar Rose plug!!!!

anne said...

oooh! the scarf looks awesome! i love seeing it pop up in blogworld here and there—thanks for the pic and the link to my site!