Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Like a Chicken With Its Head Cut Off *

It has been a crazy, hectic, jam-packed, busy week around here. And I am so damn glad for it, I can't even find the words. Every night this week (ok, so there have only been 3 so far...) I have crawled into bed thoroughly exhausted. At work this week, things have been busy. Barely-time-to-go-pee-much-less-leave-for-lunch, sort of busy and it is thrilling.

I know there have been times in my life (even here on this blog) that I have bemoaned the fact that I was too busy at work but after all this time of being barely able to do stuff, crying every time the wind blew my skirt up, it feels great to be buried in my work. It is refreshing to feel necessary, I guess.

Of course, days like that at the office and two evenings in a row of commitments away from home, don't translate to very much knitting. In fact, a generous estimate would say that I've knit maybe 10 rows of a sock in the last week. Crazy, but great in its own way. And the tears have largely subsided. I can still feel them bubbling just under the surface but they are basically in check, which is good.

My friend Kim has an excellent policy: just because you don't have time to knit, doesn't mean you shouldn't have more, new, fabulous yarn. I am still on my crutches so I'm not doing much shopping. Lucky for me, I have wonderful knitting friends out there. Yesterday I received a beautiful, deliciously soft package in the mail.
...the yarn I won from Susie. Both skeins are absolutely superbly gorgeous. The skein on top is 475 yards of of a 50/50 merino/tencel blend in Susie's Flash colorway and the bottom skein is 400 yards of 100% merino superwash in the Am I Blue? colorway. Thank you so much, Susie! the yarn is beautiful and your kindness and generosity are unmatched. Congratulations again on your first 2000 comments!

Speaking of my crutches (I did...right up there before the picture of the yarn) I only have to be on crutches two more weeks. My doctor actually told me that news last week but I am so excited/nervous/anxious about it, I've not said much about it. I go back to see him on March 8, but in the mean time, on February 28, I get to start walking in my boot. Who knew a girl could feel such glee anticipating an undetermined number of days in a moon boot.

Thank you all so much for your encouraging words and your kindnesses in the last several months. For the first time in a very, very long time (well, almost a year) I am starting to feel some optimism. Of course, there are those weak moments when I worry that the light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train but mostly I'm feeling great about it.

And just when I think I have nothing to blog about, here I am prattling on again...

Today's Quote is in honor of both my busy week and Susie:

"To sleep, perchance to dream - ay, there's the rub." -William Shakespeare, from Hamlet

*Mike the Headless Wonder Chicken photo from Wikipedia.


Kim said...

That chicken story is insane!

Dorothy said...

Maybe the train at the end of the tunnel is full of yarn, knitters and spinners. It wouldn't be all that bad to get picked up by one of those.

I hope your next appointment goes really well and you get to throw your crutches out the window for good.

Rhett said...

yea! the crutches are going to the garage!! i hated mine - got rid of them and never looked back. come to think of it - i have no idea where they are... that's a good thing!

the yarn is beautiful as well! i love that blue!!

Dr. B. said...

Whoo. That is one disturbing chicken photo there. Man.

Meanwhile, congratulations on the Countdown to The Boot!

Stefaneener said...

Maybe if I show the kids that picture, they'll agree to off the non-laying chickens. You think?

Of course you should have pretty yarn. That's why we knit.

Leeny said...

Kristy, yay that you're getting rid of the crutches soon! The chicken pic? Um, not so much, yuckie! But I love the yarn, so beautiful!


Kniterella said...

I have your exhaustedness too! I can barely function!

Love your yarn - great policy, isn't it?

You'll hear from me in long-type soon!

Miss you

Charity said...

Congratulations on the new yarn! So pretty! :0)