Thursday, February 22, 2007

Nothing to Say

Last night, I went out to dinner with my husband and my parents. When we got there, I went to the ladies room. As both stalls were occupied, I waited patiently on my crutches over by the paper towel dispenser. After just a few moments, a 60ish lady came out of the handicapped stall. She smiled at me standing there and then in the sweetest voice said, “Ahhh. I always feel so guilty when I use the big stall and then come out to find a crippled person waiting.”


I don’t have much knitting to talk about. I have been working on the Kool-Aid dyed sock but my progress has been slow, owing to the fact that I am still buried at work and to the fact that, inexplicably, I got distracted by some beads again. Yes, I said beads. I’ve heard it said that the devil is in the details but I am more and more convinced that the devil is in the bead store.

It is raining here. At long last. It is a beautiful hard, soaking rain. The kind where the sky got dark and heavy looking before it started raining. One of the things I miss the most about the South – or even the Midwest, for that matter – is the thunderstorms. Today there is no thunder and lightening but at least we have wonderful, blessed rain.

Todays' Quote

"I am glad that I paid so little attention to good advice; had I abided by it I might have been saved from some of my most valuable mistakes." - Edna St. Vincent Millay


FFC said...

Hmm, let's see. How long have you been on crutches/moon boot/wheelchair/having to take showers at someone else's house? I am guessing like 6 or 7 months. I think you could be classified as "crippled." So, that lady wasn't that far off.

Plus, there is no devil in the bead store! I am insulted. Seriously. Beads are fun and relaxing, except when you spill them all in the floor and it makes you cry. But, hey, who cares?

I hate this rain. It is going to make my hair curl.

(There, is that a good enough comment for you?) :P

Dr. B. said...


(I know I say that all the time. It's a quote from "Arrested Development" that cracks me up. It's preceded by Gob saying "BEES??????!!!!" My SIL and I couldn't stop saying it on our last trip. Er. You really have to be there.)

Good luck with the beads.

RC said...

Beads? um-huh. And you said you were not feeling the love.... funny how they suck you in!
Glad to see you are busy, not just ignoring us!

Kristy said...

Yes, Lori. That is an excellent comment, thank you.

And to answer your question, I got my cast and crutches on April 28, 2006. Since then, I have been in a cast/boot/crutches/splint/brace something all but about one month out of the last 10 so, yes, I can fully acknowledge that I am crippled. But I am only temporarily crippled as I told the lady in the bathroom. I was not surprised by the "crippled person" categorization, just surprised that she said it out loud. In retrospect, I wonder if maybe she has had a stroke. I understand that sometimes after having a stroke, people lose their inner monologue. Of course, ou haven't had a stroke so it is a flawed theory.

As for the devil @ the bead store, I can appreciate your affection for the beads and while I can now do beads without crying, I still can't say I LOVE them. I know, it is a fine and dangerous line to walk but there is a line, nonetheless.

Have fun in Houston!!!

FFC said...

You are just saying you don't LOVE beads cause of what your knitter-blogger friends will say. Humph. Pooey on you. You know you love them or else you wouldn't embarassing me at the bead store by all your oohing and ahhing. Admit it. You love it. Maybe not as much as knitting but you love it.

RobynR said...

Heh beads. I'm plotting "Mimosa" from Big Girl Knits and it's got, I kid you not, no fewer than 1,645 6/0 sized seed beads incorporated . . . on #5 circular needles. Happy 60th b-day Mom! The good news is that I like and have experience with beads. The bad news (for hubby at least) is that I have an addictive personality and am likely to start amassing my bead collection all over again.

Tactless Wonder said...

It's sounding like beads might be the new Noro...or something. Just roll with it....or um limp with it as the case may me...


They don't call me tactless for nothin' :).

Stefaneener said...

Arrested Development -- snort -- and yes, the lady was clearly unaware of the language shift wherein saying "crippled person" marks you as a member of Dicken's England, but hey, you qualify for the stall. Maybe berating her might have made you feel better -- ask her if she parks in handicapped places too because they're so convenient?

Hang in there.