Friday, February 23, 2007

Stormy Weather

Full disclosure: While this blog generally qualifies as a knitting blog, there is nothing of particular knitting interest going on here right now (except for the quote at the bottom). Please don't be disappointed.

Regarding the ladies room incident in the previous post, I wasn't upset by what she said, in case you were wondering. I thought it was hilarious. I think mostly because, in my pre-crippled days, I have had the same thought - - I've just managed not to blurt it out like that! :)

Just yesterday morning, I posted about the rain and sadly noted the lack of thunder and lightening. No sooner had I posted that and gone about my day's business that this happened.

Actual weather!! Me and Lori had to go outside and stand on the stoop and watch it coming down. At first everyone said "Look! It's hail!" but being the obsessive compulsive neurotic that I am, I was struck by the nagging thought that I maybe learned one time that hail was something more elaborate than this. So I went over to wiki, of course, and discovered that what we got was actually sleet probably (based on my amateur meteorologist skills) and not in fact hail. But I don't care!

I don't have any pictures of it but you should also know that there was THUNDER and lightening!! Twice! Whoooo-Ray!

Today is sunny and mild but I still have my pictures from yesterday to hold on to!

If you want to see a super hilarious knitting related photograph, go visit Robyn at Knits with Corn.

Today's Quote:

"Knitting is very conducive to thought. It is nice to knit a while, put down the needles, write a while, then take up the sock again." - Dorothy Day


RC said...

Really neat pictures.

Stefaneener said...

We get that Weather occasionally. Today we got lots of weather. We got clouds, sun, rain, sun, wind. . . just couldn't make up its mind.

Nice you weren't out hopping around in it, or were you?

Keppy said...

LOL You crack me up - we got one better than sleet today - freezing rain - oooohhh aaaaahhh YUCK is more like it... But then again I live in Indiana and we get stupid "weather" all the time haha.

Kniterella said...

Glad you've received some weather - now, take mine please! Haven't dropped off the face of the earth and you are on my mind. As promised, a lenghty e-mail is in your future. ; )

Dorothy said...

Ah sleet, the ever changing baby brother to hail. Glad you got some weather to enjoy.

Liz R. said...
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