Friday, March 23, 2007

Like a Big, Deep Breath

This weekend (in a few hours, actually) I am going with Katy and Lori to Sacramento for a little adventuring. Katy has a conference to go to for work tomorrow all day so it seemed like the perfect excuse for a little outing. Dinner tonight, some shopping and wandering around tomorrow and then Chik-fil-a before we come home. Lucky for me, I had time earlier in the week to find a knitblogger in that area and she, Caitlyn, was oh so very helpful in recommended a couple of good yarn shops. Thanks, Caitlyn!!

It is nice to get away - even if it isn't far away and isn't for long.

I think we have decided on a name for the baby dog:

I wanted to name her an old lady name (Sally was nearly Ethel except for the fact that my mama refused to call her that....) I considered Mae (for Mae West) and Fanny (for Fanny Crosby) and Tallulah (as in Tallulah Bankhead) and Edna and Ethel and Myra and Flossy and a variety of other names that I am certain are very popular in Miami Beach. Then we were taking her over to my parents' to meet the family Wednesday evening and I was holding her in my lap in the car and it just came to me:


That sweet, mischievous face. Somehow the name just seems to fit her.

This week, there has been no real knitting accomplished. I've worked on one of the tiny sweaters that I will be using for Christmas ornaments so, truly, nothing monumental but it is good to keep my hands busy.

Mostly this week has been work and craziness. Busy-ness. Hectic hither and thither. The kind I am glad to have reached the end of.

This is a picture I took on one of our trips to Oregon this winter. I have nothing of consequence to say about it and I don't remember exactly where it was taken - somewhere between her and my mother-in-law's.
Dorothy, I have fresh batteries in the camera and have vowed to take some nice warm sunny pictures just for you!

Today's Quote:

"That ain't the half of it, honey, but that's all I'm telling." -Alice Coachman


EnnaVic said...

The Oregon photo is lovely. When I look out my window I get a similar effect of hills and pine trees. Looking at your photo reminded me that when we lived in the US for a year (30 years ago now - I was 8 or 9), Oregon and Washington states reminded us of home (New Zealand). Something about the landscape.

Not that the pine trees I see outy my window are native but we live on the fringes of a forestry block, on the fringes of a small city, in a valley. So you get these effects.

I was interested in your christmas ornament comment - I do an ornament exchange every year and am planning to knit something this year - have some patterns and ideas but not on the go yet. Are your ornaments for your tree or for presents?

In curiosity,
EnnaVic (near Wellington, New Zealand)

Jo said...

Hey, I'm your secret pal spoiler. I sent you a note and just wanted to be sure it didn't end up getting caught by a spam filter.

The pup is too cute! Trixie definitely works for her name.

Dr. B. said...

Trixie is the perfect name. What a sweet face on that little creature!

(BTW, I think I've tried to comment about 3 different times over the last few days, and blogger either eats it, or my computer crashes. Aaargh.)

I really like the new layout.

Oh! And have a Chik-fil-a for me, won't you?!

Jessica said...

Kristy, I have been lurking on your blog for a little while ... I just started a blog myself (BARELY-- there is not much there) but I mentioned you in my first post, so I thought you might be interested. If you are, go take a look!

RobynR said...

Trixie is just adorable. I'm sorry to hear that she got off to such a rough start but I'm sure that she's settling right in with her new pack. (Yes, it's possible that a certain someone watches a bit too much Dog Whisperer, or at least perhaps shouldn't have bought his book)

Dorothy said...

Trixie is a perfect name for such a mischievous pup and when she's old, she'll be telling stories of her spicy youth.

Beautiful sky pics! I could use a bit of sun. We've been in a fog (literally) for two days now. Although spring is surely on it's way.

lemmie said...

Your puppy is so cute! What breed is she?