Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Puppy Love

I apologize for the screwy spacing issues in this post. I don't know what the problem is but I got tired of fussing with it.

Update on the Co-Worker: He had a 5 vessel bypass Friday night and is doing as well as can be expected. Thanks to all of you who sent well wishes. I haven't asked his girlfriend if she gave up on the knitting but in the end, I think it is the sentiment that matters.

In Knitting News: There is no knitting news.

In Baby Blanket News: Palette #2 is the clear winner. (A lucky thing, since it is my favorite, too.) I will be ordering the yarn from Web's on Friday. (I love that Web's offers a 20% discount on yarn purchases over $60.)

In Other News: Ya'll remember my little dog Sally, right?Sally who is usually a sucker for the camera and loves to have her picture taken? Last night I tried to take a cute picture of here but she would not cooperate. This is the best picture I got.

She was very distracted. She wanted to be in my face but she also wanted to make sure that she kept her eyes on the interloper in her house.

This is the interloper.
(One dog, three pictures.) This is the newest resident at our little house. She is a less than four month old short-legged Jack Russell terrier. The people who owned her before were not good dog parents. She has been living outside in a cage since they got her in January and they never even gave her a name. It made me so sad when I heard about that and my husband loves short-legged Jack Russells...which all adds up to: we have a new puppy. Such a sweet little face.
Considering the circumstances she has been living in, it should come us no surprise that I couldn't get her to chill out long enough to take a cute picture. She is very happy to be in the house and very excited to be around people. That first one she is about to dash under the bed, in the second I had to strong arm her to sit still (you can't see her tail wagging 90 miles a minute) and lastly, she is trying to get up on the bed to Sally.
Sally and Xena both apparently think she is crazed but other than that, they seem ok with her. Maybe when she calms down a bit, I can get a picture of all three of them.

Today's Quote:
“Hope is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul, and sings the tune without the words, and never stops at all.” - Emily Dickinson


RobynR said...

Awwwwwwwww?! Too cute. I'm sorry to hear that she had such an awful start but I'm sure you can make her feel loved and comfortable in no time.

Stefaneener said...

Lucky puppy. She will make all of you feel so young. And then you will collapse in exhaustion.

Kniterella said...

puppies just make you smile : ) What will her name be?

RC said...

ooohhhhhhhh! LURV ums wittle puppkins! Poor Baby such a rough start, but OH BOY did she luck out getting you for a Mommy!

2 things guaranteed to make me mush. 1. squishy warm babies 2. any puppy

Congratulations on your new baby! I'm so excited for you!

Laura said...

Oh my good gosh that little puppy is so DARLING! Only four months old? Surely she wasn't actually WITH the first people that long after leaving her mama??

So whatcha gonna name her? Jackie? hehe JR? Umm... Jackie Russella? Cascade? Noro? Crystal Palace? hehe :)

Zazzu said...

Love the doggie pics! Bless you for rescuing your pup - I want to smack around the people who were mean to her.

Dogs are so great - humans, not so much. Except for those who have dogs!

Dorothy said...

Poor baby, at least now she'll have a better life. She looks fun and they learn quickly too. Sally will be having fun playing with her in no time. What did you name her?

Melissa said...

I'm so glad she has a good home now. It's so sad to hear about pets being treated like that.
We have one cat and a dog and I could never imagine treating them like that. In fact it's quite the opposite they're treated and spoiled just like our kids.